Essential Tips You Should Follow For Smartphone Internet Safety

We live in an age where we probably spend a significant chunk of our day looking at our smartphones. It can’t be helped, they are just useful, … [Read More...]

Scan documents with your Android gadget

The start of the new year brings lots to look forward to, but it also signals the start of a necessary financial task: taxes. For 2019, resolve to … [Read More...]

Accidentally dismiss a notification on your phone? Here’s how to retrieve it!

Google has improved the notifications system on the Android OS a lot over the years, introducing various intuitive features along the way. Take, for … [Read More...]

How to curb your phone usage this year

If you feel uneasy about your tech habits, and want to become more intentional about how you use your phone this year, here are some strategies to … [Read More...]

5 apps that free up space on your Android device

Your Android phone or tablet contains your entire digital life, from your emails to your favorite games and memorable photo moments. But storage space … [Read More...]

Google Fit wants to help you remember your New Year’s resolutions

January 1 is of course the day when many of us embark with great enthusiasm on a fitness-focused New Year’s resolution. But sadly, usually within just … [Read More...]

How to send WhatsApp videos as animated GIFs

WhatsApp on iOS and Android both support GIFs and allows you to send GIFs to friends from Giphy. But do you know that WhatsApp also allows you send … [Read More...]

The 10 best apps for your new Android phone

You’ve just unwrapped a new Android phone, logged in, typed in a hundred passwords, downloaded all the big social apps, and synced all the things that … [Read More...]

Save battery power on your Android phone

Don't put up with battery breakdown if you don't have to. Sometimes there is a physical issue with the battery itself, but sometimes there’s a setting … [Read More...]

Don’t use antivirus on your Android phone to keep it safe, use these tips

When we talk about checking the phone malwares, Antivirus is the first option that pops in our head. Having an antivirus in your phone makes your … [Read More...]

Clearing cache: What does it do and is it safe?

One of the most common solutions to recoup those lost GBs is clearing the cache of your device. While it does work, it is important to know what it … [Read More...]

How to magnify images on your Android phone

You have a few options for turning your Android smartphone into a digital magnifying glass. There are some great apps to choose from, or you can … [Read More...]

How to export Google Allo data on Android

The steps that you need to take in order to export Google Allo Data on your smartphone has been listed in detail below: Export Google Allo Data … [Read More...]

How to change the font on your Android phone

Android smartphones come with a font set by default. But like with everything on Android, they can be changed to suit your particular taste. So if … [Read More...]

How to download YouTube videos to your Android device

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, chances are you have a few video favorites that you return to again and again. But if you watch from your … [Read More...]

How to save photos directly to the micro SD card

How to use native microSD support from Android 6.0 Marshmallow onwards Native support for the microSD card is one of the best features that … [Read More...]

Read These Tips Before You Download Apps For Your Phone

Your phone is a threat. One of the easiest ways for criminals and other bad actors to weaponize your phone is by getting you to download a malicious … [Read More...]

How to get Reading Mode on any Android device

The grayscale mapping, the bluish light tint and all the other tiny details that are designed to make reading on your Android device an experience … [Read More...]

Your Android phone has pop-ups! Is it infected?

You’re browsing the internet on your Android phone. You’re probably using the Chrome app. Everything seems normal until a pop-up invades your screen. … [Read More...]

How to password protect your Android Apps

Listed below are some ways you can protect applications on your Android smartphone. And apps that you should consider locking with the provided tips … [Read More...]

See what Android games your friends are playing with Discord update

Now, XDA-Developers has noticed a “Game Detection Service” in the Discord Android app. The feature simply lets the app detect what Android game you’re … [Read More...]

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