How to take a scrolling screenshot on any Android device

If you can’t afford to buy a OnePlus phone or a high-end Galaxy device, don’t worry. You can still take advantage of this feature by employing the … [Read More...]

Photography Tips: Make your Android Photos like a Pro

The best smartphone camera on the market right now is the camera of the Pixel 2, a phone developed by Google with an Android operating system. All … [Read More...]

How to enable’s new dark mode on Android Pie

Android users have been begging Google to add a dark theme, or mode, to the mobile platform for years. With Android Oreo, Google added a dark mode … [Read More...]

How to take better photos with your Android phone

To be a good photographer, it takes more than just a good camera. That being said, the technology is also important, and this also applies to … [Read More...]

Five Tips for Reducing Mobile Data Usage on Your Android Phone

If you’re on a limited data plan sometimes it seems like your phone is burning through its allocated data use and you’re getting overage fees. You’re … [Read More...]

How to Turn Off the Background App Refresh on Android

Between email updates, text messages, videos, and photos, you’re probably well aware of the fact that your smartphone burns through quite a bit of … [Read More...]

How to convert your Android phone into a webcam for your PC

An out of focus or blurred video feed is the last thing that you’d want when you’re on a meeting or when you’re talking to your friends. Once you find … [Read More...]

Secrets to charge your Android phone faster

There are ways to shave some precious minutes off your Android charging time so you can free yourself from the tether of an outlet. These tips are … [Read More...]

Secure Android Phone with these Android Security Tips

Keep your Android phone secure from hackers, here are best android security tips in easy steps to make sure that your Android phone is secure. Use a … [Read More...]

Android Messages tips and tricks you need to know

There are so many different messaging platforms these days, it’s sometimes to keep up with the latest announcements. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, … [Read More...]

How to get a podcast player set up on Android

We'll look at some of the top choices for Android podcast apps. You may want to try out more than one to see which interface you like the most. Try … [Read More...]

How to dramatically reduce your mobile data usage on Android Read

Switching your mobile data off and on only when you want to use the internet is definitely not enough. Here are 10 tips that will help you save your … [Read More...]

5 simple steps to clean up your Android contacts for good

Go ahead and pick up your Android phone. Open your Contacts and choose All. Now take a moment to scroll down. How does it look? Cluttered? Outdated? … [Read More...]

Tips to keep your cell phone charged during a hurricane

Here are a few tips to get more juice out of your cell phone or tablet during the storm. First off, don’t damage your battery by leaving it plugged … [Read More...]

How to lock apps on Android? App lock on android tips

Can I lock apps on Android? Yeah absolutely, you can lock your apps on Android. There are so many privacy reasons which force you to lock your apps … [Read More...]

Thieves want to steal your gadgets – use these tips to thwart them

When someone slips your phone from your pocket or steals your laptop from a cafe table, you might have to scramble to deal with the consequences. In … [Read More...]

How to play your iTunes music on your Android phone

Take heart, there is a way to play your iTunes music on your Android device. Just follow a few simple steps and you'll be on a midnight train going … [Read More...]

How To clone your Android to another

Losing your phone is one of the worst things that could happen to you. All your contacts, the messages you sent, the pictures you took, the progress … [Read More...]

Everything you need to know when switching from iPhone to Android

So you’ve decided to jump ship? To stop being an Apple drone and start being one of those people who calls iPhone fans Apple drones? The situation … [Read More...]

How to make an old Android phone feel new again

So summon your inner mechanic and get ready: It's time to give that old Android phone a much-needed tune-up — and a fresh lease on life. Step 1: … [Read More...]

Yes, you can use AirPods with an Android phone; here’s how

AirPods are one of the most popular options for Bluetooth earbuds out right now. They’re also the market leader for truly wireless listening. But, … [Read More...]

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