How to reset forgotten Android password

Google takes smartphone security seriously. Regaining access to your phone isn’t as easy as it is with most online accounts where you just have to tap … [Read More...]

How to get an always-on display on your Android phone

This feature is based on the logic that OLED displays do not require much power for displaying black pixels. Since only a portion of your screen is … [Read More...]

How Android Q system-wide dark mode works on your phone

This dark mode fixes our long-standing problem with white screens (once you install Android Q), offering a toggle to make menus black. It's right in … [Read More...]

How to keep your rooted Android phone safe from security threats

Android is very prone to facing security threats. If security measures aren’t adopted, rooted Android phones act as an open platform where you can … [Read More...]

10 Ways to Find Hidden Spyware on any Android Device

Privacy is one of the biggest issues of people not only in smartphones but also for online. "If you’re online, you won’t be private anymore." Now, … [Read More...]

How to Save as PDF in Microsoft Word for Android

Saving a document as PDF on Word for Android is a pretty straightforward process, provided you know where to look. It's quite natural to look for the … [Read More...]

How to transfer files from PC to Android phone

Zeroing in on the best technique from all the options available is not the easiest of tasks. The option that you should go for also depends on how big … [Read More...]

Mobile anti-virus not needed: Google

The majority of Android smartphone and tablet users do not need to install anti-virus and other security apps to protect them, despite dire warnings … [Read More...]

How to avoid the threat of Android malware

Unfortunately, even these apps can only do so much, as the technology within them is much simpler than what runs their Windows counterparts. And most … [Read More...]

How to Recover deleted text messages on Android

Thankfully, there are a few ways which you could recover accidentally deleted text messages. This would prove incredibly valuable in cases of critical … [Read More...]

How to View Saved Passwords on Chrome for Android?

The tech giant Google has updated Chrome to Version 62 with a feature of password notification during every login. All the passwords can be stored in … [Read More...]

How to record calls on your Android phone

Use a call-recording Android app Those of us with phones that aren’t running Pie still have access to apps that record calls. Here are some highly … [Read More...]

How to use lock screen in landscape mode on the Galaxy Phone

And it’s not just the lock screen that can be used in landscape mode — you can also enable or disable screen rotation for the calling screen. However, … [Read More...]

How do you charge your phone’s battery? Here’s the Guide

Smartphone users — casual and enthusiast alike — are forever in search of longer battery life. While fast charging keeps us topped up every day, the … [Read More...]

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

If you have just bought a new phone, here's how you can make sure your entire phonebook is cloned to the new phone. And don't worry, we have solutions … [Read More...]

Five Tips to Improve Management of Google Android Kiosk Devices

With these five tips, mobile admins can improve their management of Apple iOS and Google Android kiosk devices. 1. Enroll devices right out of … [Read More...]

4 signs your Android device has a virus

While Android malware can be devious, often there are signs and symptoms of its presence. It’s up to us to be aware of what those might be and to take … [Read More...]

Tips to solve your smartphone’s insufficient storage problem

IS your Android phone also suffering from insufficient storage error? If yes, don’t worry. You are not the only one; a lot of low budget Smartphones … [Read More...]

Tips to shoot the best video using Android

Whether you’re looking to amuse your friends on YouTube or you’re dreaming about dressing up for the Oscars one day, you can take steps to improve … [Read More...]

How to use search bar on Android Pie to adjust settings

Google Pixel was Google’s first official entrance into making smartphone hardware and it has managed to hold its own against a lot of the newer … [Read More...]

Techies know this trick to fix an Android phone

As much as we rely on our smartphones these days, it can be tormenting when one starts running slow, freezing, or worse, crashing. The unfortunate … [Read More...]

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