How to stay safe online – Android security tips and tricks revealed

Even with perfect online privacy practice, you might still fall foul of determined hackers and crooks. But there are some easy steps you can take … [Read More...]

Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Running Smooth Just like When It Was New

We live in an era of upgrades. Companies marketing their new stuff for you to buy, from gadgets to household items, rolling out improved features with … [Read More...]

Double SMS Messages on Android Auto? Here’s how to fix it

You see, Android Auto is obviously designed to be mainly used with Google’s own product lineup of software. It has Google Maps, Messages, and Play … [Read More...]

Switching between Android and iOS: Top tips for making the jump

Transferring your data to a PC or Mac first has the advantage that your data is backed up on the computer; but connecting the old phone to the new one … [Read More...]

13 Tips To Safeguard Your Personal Mobile Data

So, as a regular mobile user, what can you do to keep your personal details from being tracked, or siphoned off by third parties without your … [Read More...]

How to remove unwanted apps on your Android phone

Pre-installed apps and games that take up storage space and make your phone’s battery run out faster than it should while taking up a considerable … [Read More...]

How to install region restricted Android apps on your device

Here are a few ways on how you can install Android apps or games to your device even if they are unavailable in your country. Method 1 – Use VPN A … [Read More...]

3 DIY apps to diagnose and treat Android phone problems

We take our Android phones for granted, right up until the moment a problem crops up. Maybe the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as it once was. Maybe … [Read More...]

5 ways to fix an Android phone that won’t charge

Your phone is dead. Worse, you've been charging your Android smartphone all night or in the car. Yet, something is wrong. It's dead and everything … [Read More...]

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

Have you ever wondered how to find hidden apps? There are lots of reasons for doing that. Maybe you’re a concerned parent who wants to see what your … [Read More...]

Stop your phone from being tracked with these settings

In this tip, we'll cover the various ways you can stop your smartphone from tracking your every move. 1. Tweak your phone's location settings Apple … [Read More...]

Android Battery Draining Fast? Fix Problem Using These Tips

Does your Android smartphone lose battery really fast? It can be caused by many reasons and may just be the case for your phone before you start … [Read More...]

Fix a buggy app, free up storage and more on your Android phone

We all want to love our smartphones all the time, but our phones don’t always cooperate. Little annoyances can crop up when navigating your Android … [Read More...]

10 smart tips to use your android phone better

Hacks, tips, tricks, call them what you may, smart tips, that are at times surprising, enhance the complete Android experience, making it a little … [Read More...]

Google Play Store – Three Incredible Tips that You Need to Know

Everyone who has ever used an Android powered smartphone knows that Google loves nothing more than to add features to its apps and services. In fact, … [Read More...]

Essential Tips You Should Follow For Smartphone Internet Safety

We live in an age where we probably spend a significant chunk of our day looking at our smartphones. It can’t be helped, they are just useful, … [Read More...]

Scan documents with your Android gadget

The start of the new year brings lots to look forward to, but it also signals the start of a necessary financial task: taxes. For 2019, resolve to … [Read More...]

Accidentally dismiss a notification on your phone? Here’s how to retrieve it!

Google has improved the notifications system on the Android OS a lot over the years, introducing various intuitive features along the way. Take, for … [Read More...]

How to curb your phone usage this year

If you feel uneasy about your tech habits, and want to become more intentional about how you use your phone this year, here are some strategies to … [Read More...]

5 apps that free up space on your Android device

Your Android phone or tablet contains your entire digital life, from your emails to your favorite games and memorable photo moments. But storage space … [Read More...]

Google Fit wants to help you remember your New Year’s resolutions

January 1 is of course the day when many of us embark with great enthusiasm on a fitness-focused New Year’s resolution. But sadly, usually within just … [Read More...]

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