10 best Android security tips to keep your device hack-proof

android phone security tips - 10 best Android security tips to keep your device hack-proof

You can find various useful security features built-in on your Android device to keep your device secured from various cyber threats. You can use these built-in security features in addition to other reliable security tools to tighten security on your Android device. In this article, we have discussed some effective tips to keep your Android safe from various cyber threats.

Update Software:

The benefits of software updates aren’t limited to getting new features only as it further helps you improve your device security & privacy. With each software update, you get certain bug fixes, security patches and other improvement features on your device. Thus, it is advisable to keep a tab on update notifications and install all such updates with immediate effect. To check update manually, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update.

Update Apps:

Unlike software updates, you get app’s updates more often to improve your app’s performance. It also offers additional security features for better device security. To find app updates installed from Google Play Store, go to Google Play Store and open My Apps & Games from upper-left corner and then go to Updates. To find updates for apps not installed from Google Play Store, go to individual app’s websites or source.

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