How to get Android O on your phone right now

Having just shown it off again at I/O 2017, Google has a public beta of the next version update of Android O available for Pixel and Nexus devices.

Google typically announces the Android preview during its Google I/O developer conference held annually in May. In 2017 – for the second year running – the developer preview was made available early so many could test Android O before launch.

A public beta is a “work in progress” build that is released prior to a consumer rollout of the final software. Google offers the beta to collect and incorporate user feedback.

The aim is really to tease out problems with specific devices and allow developers to update apps to support O’s new features or changes, if there are any.

In the initial phases Google is offering Android O for:

So far there’s no mention of any other handsets. Unlike last year, Google hasn’t included any non-Nexus/Pixel phones. Saying that, we wouldn’t rule out seeing another phone or two being included, particularly on the budget end of the scale, to test Android Go, the company’s version of O designed for less powerful, affordable phones.


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