5 best new features of Android Pie

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Google likes to name its mobile operating systems by way of an alphabet letter combined with a sweet treat. The last system was Android Oreo, but we’re now welcoming a new kid to the block with Android P, now officially called Android 9 Pie.

Android Pie represents a major overhaul for the OS. While there’s plenty of advancement under the hood, Android users will really notice a difference when it comes to the system’s new gesture navigation system and new user interface features.

Android Pie will slowly make its way out to eligible phones. It’s currently available for Pixel devices for starters, but will be coming soon to others. Many older phones will likely never see the update, but most recently made phones should eventually get the new features.

While Android P offers a host of improvements, we’ve picked out five important ones to highlight. Just keep in mind these features may not be available on all Pie-running phones right away.

1. A new home button

The little icons at the bottom of your Android screen are getting a major makeover for Pie. Say goodbye to the little square in the right-hand corner. With Android P, you will see an elongated, pill-shaped icon in the bottom center that acts a new, fancier version of the home button. Swipe up from the bottom to view your recent apps. To switch apps, just swipe right on the home button.

One thing will remain the same: tapping on the new home button will take you back to your home screen at any time. The home button change is designed to make it easier to navigate your phone with one hand, especially as smartphones keep getting longer.

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