7 Handy tips to save your Android’s battery for a longer time

android phone battery - 7 Handy tips to save your Android’s battery for a longer time

Moving on the importance of mobile phones has increased to such a level that no other device can replace it. Now we have several types of phones. Smartphones are said to consume more of the battery as compared to the simple phones whose functionality are confined to making and receiving phone calls and texts. A very frequent problem we hear about the Android operated phones is that they consume battery in a short time span which causes the trouble of charging the phones again and again. So, we have a few handy tips that can save your Android’s battery for a longer time.

Don’t go with fancy wallpapers

Animated and live wallpapers may seem very eye-catching or soothing but consume battery a big time as they constantly use the RAM. So instead of going for the animated and moving wallpapers opt the simple ones to save the battery. If you want to go one step further opt for the black and white battery which consumes minimal battery.

Use the phone at the lowest possible brightness

Install the brightness toggle widget or just use your phone on the lowest possible brightness in order to make your Android phone last whole day. Because the display is by far the biggest use of power. The automatic brightness option can also help you in this regard.

Turn off Wi-Fi when not required

When you absolutely don’t require Wi-Fi or don’t want to be disturbed by an official email turn off the Wi-Fi as it will greatly save you the battery. I know it is boring but will definitely help you to save a little.

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