7 Must-Know Google+ Photos Tips to Make the Most Out of it

So, without further ado, here are some great and simple ways to make the most of your Google+ photos.

1. Enable and Use Auto Backup

Auto Backup is a simple way of making sure you never lose your phone together with your images again. The best thing is that you can back up an unlimited amount of photos and videos to your Google+ account.

The only conditions are that your photos’ height and/or width is less than 2048 pixels or, in the case of videos, that they are less than 15 minutes in length, with a resolution that’s smaller than 1080p. If your content is larger than those sizes, it will count towards your storage quota.

You should keep in mind that Auto Backup uploads full size by default and, while your phone’s camera may not capture 1080p video, it almost certainly captures images at a larger size than the one in the Google+ specifications. If you want to backup unlimited images, go to the Google+ app’s settings on your Android or iOS device and make sure you have it set to Standard Size.

Auto Backup - 7 Must-Know Google+ Photos Tips to Make the Most Out of it

You can turn Auto Backup on or off in the same settings menu; in the iOS version, you will be required to allow Google+ access to your photos.

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