App Store Optimization Tips You Need To Implement Now

app store optimization - App Store Optimization Tips You Need To Implement Now

With almost 3.6 million apps in Google Play Store and 2 million iOS apps in Apple app store, the competition is higher than ever. There are a plethora of apps available in each category that makes it is almost impossible for any newbie to get noticed without any preparation. Moreover, Forresters revealed that 63 percent of the users rely on the App Store search results for downloading an app. The developers have made almost $20 million dollars in the period of just 6 months via Apple App Store. This means you are not only missing the users but a hell lot of money due to ineffective App Store Optimization strategies (ASO).

Yes, ASO, the backbone of the app marketing that boosts up your app visibility in the app stores. However, it requires you to take some planned and researched actions and giving importance to your app’s representation in the app stores. The strategy has been continuously overlooked by the app developers and owners that results in poor app store search rankings. So, don’t make the same mistake and know how you can optimize your app for best results.

What is ASO and Why It Is Important?

App Store Optimization is similar to the SEO technique that helps the apps in getting better visibility in the app stores. Competing against million of apps to get noticed in the search results it requires your app to be aligned with store’s search algorithm. The higher the search ranking your app, the more downloads it will get. So, the App Store Optimization is your path to maximum downloads and exponential growth of the revenue.

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