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android charging - Charge your Android phone faster

Right when you’re about to leave the house, you get the dreaded low battery alert on your phone. You quickly plug it in only to realize that by the time it’s charged up enough to hit the road, you’ll be more than just a little late.

Perhaps if you don’t use your phone much, or have a brand new device, you won’t run into an issue. But for those using battery draining features like streaming video and GPS navigation, it can take a toll on your battery life. We use smartphones for everything and when they die on us, we feel helpless.

Thankfully, the introduction of rapid chargers has saved us. With significantly reduced charge time, you’ll be back up and running in no time.

About batteries

Batteries keep our devices working while we’re out and about by holding a charge of electricity to power the phone. The bigger the battery, the more power it holds. On that same note, the bigger the device, the more power it may use, depending on the type of use.

As far as battery terminology goes, capacity refers to how much charge it can hold (measured in milliampere-hours, or mAh), amps refers to how much charge a charger can provide, and voltage refers to how quickly that charge is delivered. Watts are the standard measurement for a device’s overall power (how fast and how much charge is delivered).

The typical charger provided to consumers with smartphones puts out 5 watts of power and carries 1 amp of power. Rapid chargers can charge your phone up to four times faster than standard chargers, supporting 2 amps and 12 or more watts.

By Jessica Szekalski

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