Don’t use antivirus on your Android phone to keep it safe, use these tips

antivirus - Don't use antivirus on your Android phone to keep it safe, use these tips

When we talk about checking the phone malwares, Antivirus is the first option that pops in our head. Having an antivirus in your phone makes your phone secure against malwares but there are other ways also to ensure better safety of your phone against malicious attacks. Here are some of these ways, take a look:

1. Download apps only from reliable sources: This is the first promise you should make to yourself for securing your phone. Be careful from where you get your apps. Always download apps from authentic sources like the Google Play Store.

2. Keep your Google Play Protect on: Play Protect is a security system offered by Google that keeps your phone safe by scanning the apps you download from the Play Store. You can turn it on by going to Settings > Security > Play Protect.

3. Watch your app permissions: When downloading an app, read the permissions carefully and grant permission to only those which you feel are important. If an app looks suspicious, don’t grant permission.

4. Never click on suspicious links and mails: Never click on suspicious mails and links. Many a times clicking on suspicious links can lead to downloading of malwares to your phone.

5. Keep your OS updated: Make sure to keep your phones’s operating system updated as soon as a new version becomes available. Using an outdated OS weakens your phone’s defence system and puts it at the risk of malware attacks.

By Priya Pathak

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