Everything you need to know when switching from iPhone to Android

phones and - Everything you need to know when switching from iPhone to Android

So you’ve decided to jump ship? To stop being an Apple drone and start being one of those people who calls iPhone fans Apple drones?

The situation today isn’t what it was in 2010. iPhones are great. Androids are great. Let’s leave the mobile platform tribalism in the past and get to the realities of smartphone life on the other side.

There’s good news. Switching platforms is easy these days. As long as your life isn’t so rooted in Apple gadgets they’ll gang up on your new phone and smash it to pieces, that is.

Let’s look at some of the practicalities of moving over, and some of the delights you can now enjoy in Android land.


If you’re really at the start of this journey, we have a few tips on finding the right Android phone.

If your budget is tight, look at Motorola Moto and Honor models. You can’t really beat them. The Honor 9 Lite and Moto G6 Play are where we’d start. Both companies offer cheaper phones, but any lower than these and you’ll start to see performance issues you probably won’t appreciate as an ex iPhone associate.

Stepping up to the mid-range sector, Honor is another top name, as is old favourite Nokia. The Honor 10 is fantastic value, as is the Honor Play. It may not be a “cool” name, but that’s why we get such a good deal on its phones. The Nokia 7 Plus is a very solid mid-range option too. If you can spend a bit more, the OnePlus 6 is unmissable. It costs £469 but performs at the same level as top-end Androids. And iPhones.


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