How to find your Android device’s info for correct APK download?

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If have ever tried to download an app for your Android smartphone in a third party app store, then you must have faced the confusion of choosing the right APK for your device. A single app has different versions meant for different device specifications. So, how do you know which app is for your device? Well, you can only know that if you have the correct information on your Android device.

If the app APK that you are trying to download has only one version, you won’t face any difficulty. But if it has multiple versions, you need to check your Android device info.

Necessary Information on Your Android Device

You need to have the following information about your device before you download an APK.

1. Android Version: It refers to the Android OS in which your smartphone is running.

2. Processor: You need to know the processor that is powering your device. Currently, most of the devices run on ARM processors (Qualcomm Snapdragon, Media Tek’s processor).

3. Screen DPI: It refers to the pixel density of your smartphone.

Though you now know you should have this information, how will you gather the data?

How to Gather Your Android Device Info?

An app called Droid Hardware Info. Can be immensely helpful for you if you are looking forward to finding your Android device info for correct APK download. This app is available on Google Play Store and can be easily downloaded from there. The app gives you the following information about your smartphone:

1. Device Information: It includes the model, chipset, manufacturer, build number and Android OS of your smartphone.

2. System: You can know about the CPU architecture of your device from this section.

3. Display: In the display section, you will get information related to both resolution and screen DPI of your device.

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