How to Free up Space in Android

free up space on android - How to Free up Space in Android

These days phones typically come with at least 32GB of storage as standard, or perhaps 16GB if you’ve bought a budget model. But even that is easy enough to fill up when you get a bit too carried away with installing apps and taking photos and videos.

Even if you’ve not run into any storage issues just yet, managing your storage properly can help keep things ticking along nicely performance-wise.

(If you’re playing with such a tiny amount of internal storage that you’re getting the “insufficient storage available” message when you try to download an app or app update, and have already followed all our suggestions below, see our separate guide on how to clear Android’s cache.)

Without doubt the best way to free up space on Android is to perform a factory reset and start afresh. But setting things back up how you want them can take an awful lot of time, and you may lose precious photos, video and other files if you’ve not backed them up correctly.


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