Alarm App Helps Researchers Calculate Medical Research While You Sleep

The Samsung Power Sleep app is an alarm app unlike any other. When you set your alarm at night, the app takes your smartphone’s processors and uses it to decrypt protein sequences – information used for cancer and Alzheimer’s research, among others.


Power Sleep functions like an alarm clock. When you go to sleep, your smartphone or tablet requests a data package from the SIMAP server (Similarity Matrix of Proteins) at the University of Vienna and starts calculating. When your alarm rings, the process ends and the package is recorded in the SIMAP database. Fully automatically and for free – Doing good has never been easier.

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3 Elite Gym Training Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts On Android

android gym apps - 3 Elite Gym Training Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts On Android


The name itself tells you what you can expect out of this app in general one of the best designed and equipped apps ever. More so, it’s designed targeting the female population of health-conscious Android users in particular.

This app is developed by Nike Inc. itself and has enormous potential majorly driven on its splendid features that ensure that it’s not just an overrated, mediocre experience with a classy brand name. If you’ve got a new year’s date you want to look good for, or want to be the one everyone feasts their eyes on at this weekend’s Saturday night party, all you need to get in sexy shape is Nike Training Club. This nifty sports app has been as the ultimate tool for fitness-hungry users.

Now the Nike Training Club app has a sleek and neatly implemented interface set in a grey, black and white color tone, which has a 15, 30 and 45 minute full body workout training regime.

Any of the three can be selected where ever you are and at whatever time you want.

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Moves brings free activity tracking to Android

News Moves Android Acticity Tracker Free Hero - Moves brings free activity tracking to Android

Moves, the free physical activity tracking app for iPhone, is now available on Android. Having already been downloaded 2.5 million times since launching in January, activity tracking has gone mainstream – no longer the preserve of fitness freaks and calorie counters.

Unlike alternative trackers from Nike, FitBit and JawBone, Moves doesn’t require you to buy any additional accessories, relying purely on sensors within your phone to track walking, running and cycling.

“We believe Moves is the most popular activity tracker available as we’re tracking over two billion steps every day,” said Sampo Karjalainen, Designer & CEO, Moves.

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New Android App Allows Doctors to Give Advice Through Video Calls

445805777 640 - New Android App Allows Doctors to Give Advice Through Video Calls

When we get sick we go to the doctor’s office, when we are at the doctor’s office, we are surrounded by other who are sick. The logic in that is saved only by the idea that placing hand sanitizer every few feet will help us out. Those of us looking for a fix to that problem, may have a new solution, our smartphones. We are not talking WebMD here, we are talking about a new app called Doctor on Demand.

Doctors on Demand gives us the ability to make a video call to a doctor and show them or describe what the issue is and get advice. The beauty of it, is that we can make this video call from the comfort of our bedrooms, and surrounded by our own germs. The app also has some qualified backers, who seeded the app with $3 million.

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A social pedometer to get you into ‘quantified self’ without extra hardware

walk 645x250 - A social pedometer to get you into ‘quantified self’ without extra hardwareHealth and fitness-focused startup Noom has today launched Walk, an Android app that is essentially a ‘social pedometer’. The idea here is simple. You install the app and it runs in the background, counting your steps as you move around. It keeps a running tally of your current day’s and week’s steps and you can also compare your progress with that of friends via a leaderboard. In addition to that, there’s a global feed of the number of steps taken by other users of the app so you can get a feel for how you stand against the rest of the world.

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Fit Radio streams up-tempo tunes to motivate your workout

Fit Radio iOS 270x405 - Fit Radio streams up-tempo tunes to motivate your workoutEnter Fit Radio, a free app (Android|iOS|Web) that streams up-tempo playlists designed to amp up your workout. It’s like Songza for sprinters, or maybe Pandora for bike peddlers. The app is divided into three main sections: Genres, Stations, and DJs. Within each you’ll find mostly DJ-mixed mash-ups of the songs you’d hear in an aerobics class or dance club — perfect stuff for your run or workout.

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App that can turn your Android phone into a mobile mood tracker

article 2320841 19AA4D2C000005DC 553 634x424 - App that can turn your Android phone into a mobile mood trackerA new app designed to track a person’s mood throughout the day could turn your smartphone into a pocket therapist, researchers claim. The free app developed by the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory takes advantage of the fact phones are increasingly capable of collecting information about where we are, how noisy our environment is, how much we are moving around and who we communicate with.

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FitScales reworks Wii Fit as Android health accessory

fitscales 580x338 - FitScales reworks Wii Fit as Android health accessoryIf you’re on a fitness push and you happen to have a Wii Fit laying around and an Android device, a new application is available allowing you to use them together. The application is called FitScales and is specifically designed to work with that Nintendo Wii Balance Board. The app allows your weight information to be sent to other Android fitness application such as Fitbit or RunKeeper.

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