How to guarantee your Android phone isn’t spying on you

bgr google nexus 5 2 - How to guarantee your Android phone isn’t spying on you

Last week, a developer revealed to the world just how easy it is for a nefarious hacker to use your Android phone to spy on you. With some simplecode that utilized a serious security hole, the developer was able to create a program that caused anAndroid handset’s camera to covertly capture photos on command, and then transmit those photos to a remote server without the user ever knowing.

The idea that your smartphone might be taking photos of you and sending them to a hacker without your knowledge is absolutely terrifying. But as it turns out, there’s an app that can guarantee your phone isn’t spying on you.

Shortly after our story about the aforementioned security hole was published, we were contacted by app developer Ziklag Systems. The company has created several security apps for the Android platform, but one in particular could be of interest to those who want to go the extra mile in order to ensure their privacy isn’t being violated by their own smartphones.

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