How to stop annoying robocalls on your iPhone and Android

android phone - How to stop annoying robocalls on your iPhone and Android

Our digital lives are getting more complicated. We’re snapping selfies, downloading games, trying new apps, and loading up on the latest music and this can put a strain on a phone’s storage capacity. When you start running low on space on your Android device, it’s time to take some measures to reclaim your storage.

For starters, let’s take a peek at the state of your storage situation. Open your Settings and hit “Storage.” This will tell you how many gigabytes you’re using compared to how much space there is on your phone.

The Android OS will take up a certain amount of this, so don’t worry about that. If you’re cramped on storage, then you will need to take some simple steps to clean up your phone.

Keep in mind that Android operating systems can differ from each other and not every phone supports the latest version, so you might need to explore your settings options a bit.

1. Got Oreo? You’re in luck

Fortunate Android owners who have the latest version of the operating system, known as Android 8.0 or Oreo, have a super-simple option for clearing room on their phones.

Go to Settings and open up Storage. You will see a nice, welcoming “Free Up Space” button. Touch it and it will scan your phone for files and apps you probably don’t need anymore and give you the option to delete them.

Don’t have Oreo? These next tips should help.

2. Empty the cache

Android apps love to store information on your phone in a data cache for faster performance, but clearing the cache won’t disrupt your apps and it can be a quick way to free up space. In Settings, go to Storage and click on “Internal shared storage.” Chances are your biggest space eaters are your apps.

You can clear the cache for individual apps, but the easiest option is to just empty the main cache. Scroll down and click on “Cached data.” Android will ask if you’re sure. Tell it “OK” and you should be able to reclaim a good chunk of space

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