Important Android Accessories you must have for Smartphone

android accessories - Important Android Accessories you must have for Smartphone

Nowadays maintaining your smartphones is very important to keep it safe and for long life. And to do so smartphone accessories is important. There are a variety of smartphone accessories is available in the market for different smartphone model. It is essential to have the accessories due to extensive use of the smartphones. They all are available in affordable price and are important as well. Below is list of important smartphone accessories. Ensure that you must have them all.

Screen Protector

The screen guard is an essential smartphone accessory. Nowadays almost all smartphones have touchscreens. The entire smartphone is operated with the help of the touchscreen.  so it is important to protect the screen with screen guard or the screen protector. These protective covers act as a shield to the smartphone. There are different varieties of screen guards is available in market and Sleep Shield is a guarded with a better features. This guard will filters out the blue light and prevent insomnia at night.

Back cover or case

Another important protection of the smartphone is back cover. The designs of smartphones are so sleek and hence not handy at using a case or back cover will act as a medium of impact protection. Make sure that the case or back cover you are purchasing for your smartphone will provide perfect drop protection to the smartphone. There are various colors of back covers are available in the market with a variety of designs. They also make your smartphone attractive.

Travel charger

Due to extensive use of data and storage, the smartphones’ battery gets drained out very easily. When you are traveling battery drains out at a rapid rate. and it is very difficult to find the electric power to charge your smartphone. Hence use an external charger is very important while traveling to avoid such problems. These external chargers keep your phone charged and also very convenient to use.


The one another important smartphone accessory is the earphone and especially if you love to listen to music then is a mandatory accessory. They are available in your budget and come with package during a purchase of the smartphone. Nowadays there are so many varieties of options available for earphones like earphones with no cords, no frills, and microphones. You can purchase one according to your need.

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