How to increase the speed of internet on Android smartphones

how to increase the speed of browsing internet on android smartphones - How to increase the speed of internet on Android smartphones

We can’t expect our smartphone to work all the time efficiently without any services. Sometimes, there is a need for manually changing stuff on your smartphone to make it better. A slow internet can be irritating; no one likes it. But you can do better things than blaming your internet connection.

There are few ways by which you can increase the speed of browsing the internet on Android smartphones. The aim is to improve the overall speed of browsing the internet on Android rather than targeting specific browsers. Here are the top three ways to give your internet speed on Android smartphones a boost:

Install Performance Boosting App

Without a performance boosting app, our smartphones carry a tremendous amount of junk files which creates lagging issues, and this also affects the internet speed. With performance enhancer app, the problem can be reduced. Download Clean Master that will boost your phone by cleaning all the junk files. Also, install DU Speed Booster which will clean the RAM of your smartphone and will stop the unnecessary background apps. The lesser the clutter, the more efficiently you will be able to browse.

Check The Network Setting

If you are constantly facing slow internet, you should check the network setting of your smartphone. Go to “Settings” and tap on “Mobile Network Settings” to check the mobile network in which your smartphone is running. The most popular networks around the world are GSM, WCDMA, and LTE. Make sure you are using one of these and also, don’t restrict your mobile network to 3G only.

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