Switching from an iPhone to an Android device

google pixel xl quick settings 720x720 - Switching from an iPhone to an Android device

So you’ve decided that maybe the grass is greener on the other side, and you’re all set to make the trip across the Android bridge. In this guide, we’re going to help you get past any trolls you might encounter, unscathed. If you’ve been thinking about switching from an iPhone to an Android device and you’re already heavily invested in Apple’s ecosystem, you’ll encounter a few obstacles, but they’re far from insurmountable.

We’re going to take a look at how to transfer contacts and other data, switch to Google services and deal with your music, photos, and videos. To round things off, we’ll provide a few additional tips to help you get used to Android, quell some common fears, and point out how best to take advantage of your new platform’s highlights.

Making the transition

Before you embark on this journey to the promised land of Android, take one last look around you. There are a few things you’ll have to leave behind. Many of the cases, docks, and other accessories you bought for your iPhone are not going to be compatible with Android smartphones (it’s worth checking, though, because many are). Your iOS apps cannot go with you, but you’ll find most of them have Android counterparts awaiting your arrival. Any DRM protected content you bought in iTunes is stuck there (you can easily and legally remove the restrictions from music, but not from TV shows and movies).

Last, but not least, there’s your iPhone itself. If you’re not gifting it to someone then you might want to peruse our guide on how to sell an iPhone without getting ripped off.

Transferring contacts

You’ll want to transfer your contacts before you sell your old device. Check out our guide on how to transfer your contacts between iPhone and Androidfor a simple method that employs iTunes and Gmail.

You could also use iCloud. Turn on Contacts in Settings > [your name] > iCloudon your iPhone. Log into the iCloud website on your computer and click Contacts. Click the gear icon at the bottom left, and choose Select All, then click the gear icon again and select Export vCard. Now log into Gmail, tap the red Gmail in the top left, thenContacts, or head to Google Contacts in your browser, click More, and tap Import.

By Simon Hill

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Tips for getting more out of your Android smartphone

smartphone dpa - Tips for getting more out of your Android smartphone
Android is the world’s most widely used smartphone operating system, yet it has lots of useful functions that many people don’t know about.

This is partly due to its many versions and also because of the sometimes large differences between the various Android phone manufacturers. Here are some useful tips for users of Android 7.0 and higher, spotted by tech bloggers at c’t and Chip magazines.

User accounts and guest mode

As with a PC, Android users can set up multiple user accounts, something which is especially beneficial for parents who want to control which apps their children can access.

This option can be found in settings under “Users and Accounts”. You might also find the guest mode useful to block certain functions like phone calls, if you often have to pass your phone around.

Gesture control

This feature is supported on many smartphones. Under settings you can define screen gestures which can be used to access specific apps and functions.

Gestures and what they trigger can be freely assigned. For example, the letter M drawn on the screen with your finger tip could open the email app or a circle could be used to quickly access the camera.

Customise your phone with widgets

Want to see all the information that’s important to you with a single glance at the screen? That’s where widgets come in handy. These are small windows that show the functions of an app without the user needing to completely open the app. They can be placed anywhere on the home screen and be used to show what matters to you, for example, upcoming events, the latest news, the weather and new emails.

Simply tap on a blank space on the home screen and hold it down until a menu appears. Then tap Widgets and all the available ones will be shown. Hold down the one you want and move it to wherever you want it on the home screen.

Turn on the flashlight

No need to download a flashlight app, the functionality for using the camera flash as one has long been part of Android. Just pull down the notifications bar at the top of the screen, and you should see a number of functions, including a switch for the flashlight.

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How you can install Chrome extensions on Android?

xhow you can install chrome extensions on android - How you can install Chrome extensions on Android?

Today, I will tell you how you can install Chrome Extensions on your Android browser without rooting your device. You will just need to take help of different browser for having the add-on installation. However, it should be noted that apparently all the Chrome extension will not be supported due to the difference in how a desktop and mobile phone operates. How can you install Chrome Extensions on Android?

Follow the steps given below to install Chrome extensions on your Android device.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and download Yandex Browser. Install the browser on your phone.

Step 2: In the URL box of your new browser, open ‘chrome.google.com/webstore’ by entering the same in the URL address.

Step 3: Look for the Chrome extension that you want and once you have it, tap on ‘Add to Chrome.’

The added Chrome extension will now be automatically added to the Yandex browser.

Know more about the Yandex Browser Trusted by more than 50 million users, Yandex Browser is one of the most popular web browsers for Android smartphone.

It was developed by Yandex which is a Russian web search cooperation. The base of the browser is the Chromium open source project. It is one of the few browsers that support Chrome extension even on the Android devices. Now that you know that, you should be using this browser whenever there is a need for using Chrome extension on your Android device.

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How to add multiple accounts in Outlook app for Android and iPhone

multiple emails - How to add multiple accounts in Outlook app for Android and iPhone

If you have multiple Microsoft accounts then you must have suffered the excruciating process of multiple logins and logouts. However, the launch of Outlook’s Android app has been a sign of relief and it is a beauty.

The Outlook app for Android and the iPhone is already available on Google Play Store and Apple store respectively for free. Most apps support the feature of adding multiple accounts, but not everyone is able to locate it easily.

There’s a way to add multiple IDs in Outlook app for Android and iPhone without juggling multiple phones or multiple logins on one phone. Here are few tips how you can make your life easier.

Add multiple accounts in Outlook app for Android

When earlier Microsoft released an Official Outlook app for Android, it was just a rebranded and modified version of old Hotmail app. However, the new version of Outlook app has a completely new interface with lots of added functionalities that are more consistent.

The current version has numerous features including accessing multiple accounts using one app. Here is how you can add  multiple accounts to the latest Outlook.com app for Android:

Step 1:  Open up the Outlook.com app on your Android device. If you don’t have it yet, download it from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Swipe the screen towards right from your inbox. You’ll see 3-lined hamburger menu.

Step 3: Tap on the round icon appearing on the top. You can also click on the Settings icon towards the bottom to add a new account.

Step 4: Now tap on the “Add account” option to add your Microsoft account. Follow the steps and fill up the required details to complete the process.

If you want to delete any of the added accounts from the Outlook.com app, simply go to the “Settings” while using that particular account you want to delete, go to manage accounts section and select remove.

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Here are the top 5 tips to Increase your Productivity with your Smartphone at Work?

Blackberry Hub Organizer1 e1524311008722 1024x710 - Here are the top 5 tips to Increase your Productivity with your Smartphone at Work?

The internet access and thousands of applications must be on the top of your list among the number of ways to distract you from work. But, honestly, would you blame only smartphones for distracting you or keeping you from your work?  Because, if you look objectively, smartphones serve as one of the key devices to help increase your productivity. You can schedule appointments, manage tasks, set reminders and do a lot more through your smartphone, on the go. One great example is BlackBerry Hub that gives the phone a productivity boost, whether it’s integrating all your email, text and social messages into one place or giving you a really smart Calendar. It makes sure that doing stuff on your smartphone is effortless and really smart, therefore, increasing your productivity dramatically.

Here are five useful tips to help you tap into your smartphone’s productivity power:

Note down that idea now:

Keep track of your to-do lists or your bucket list, make notes for a presentation or action items from a meeting, all on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.  Suddenly hit up with that great idea? Just note it down on your phone. Some phones also offer features that synchronize your notes with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook. So you can shoot these ideas when you believe you are ready to.

Smoothen the process:

Make use of applications such as launcher that turn multi-step actions like sending an email or calling a friend into a one-click task. It lets you organize apps, widgets, and shortcuts on customized home screen panels for instant access. You can view any application widget by simply swiping up or down across the icon on your home screen, giving you fast access to the information you need, whenever you need it. BlackBerry Hub is another great feature that BlackBerry devices offer, it integrates all your email, text and social messages into one place. This unified inbox is an irreplaceable tool for consolidating all of your messages in one place – whether it’s email, calendar, social or phone calls.

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9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Android Device

android device tips 1024x576 - 9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Android Device

It’s very likely that you’re reading this article on an Android phone since Android runs on most of the smartphones in the world. If that’s the case, you’re holding a powerful tool in your hand.

But Android doesn’t always make it easy for users to unlock its full potential. Smartphone manufacturers can, after all, reconfigure their operating systems however they want or equip them with additional software. That’s why Android user interfaces don’t always look the same.

Whereas Apple does its best to make sure that every iPhone is running the latest version of iOS, 70 percent of Android users are still using Android 6 (Marshmallow) or older. The latest version of the operating system, Android 8 (Oreo), was released in 2017.

That’s why we’re going to show you some tips that will help you get the most out of your Android, even if you don’t have the latest Android device.

Developer mode: controlling your phone with precision

The developer mode is a sort of cheat code for your phone, but the interface is hidden from normal users. To activate it, you have to go into Settings/About Phone and tap “Build Number” seven times. Only then will you see the hidden settings.

With developer mode, you’re able to change the user interface. For example, you can reconfigure your phone to grayscale, meaning everything on the screen will be displayed in black and white. The theory is that stripping the colors from your apps will make you less tempted to check them obsessively. The Center for Humane Technology promotes grayscale for a more mindful use of social media.

You can also turn off animations in developer mode. Android always uses fragments of a second to fade windows in and out. It might look nice, but it also takes time. You can change this under: Developer options, Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

By Sebastian Meineck

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Five Ways to Take Screenshots on Samsung’s Latest Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

samsung s9 3 740x410 - Five Ways to Take Screenshots on Samsung’s Latest Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

Five ways to take screenshot on Galaxy S9 and S9+

Doing away with the hard home button since its last flagship device, Samsung is actually making it easier to take screenshot on Galaxy S9. While the Home + Power button combo may no longer work, Samsung now uses the combo that every other Android has been forever using. Follow this guide for all the ways you can use to take screenshots on Galaxy S9 or S9+.

1- The old-fashioned key combo, slightly tweaked

You can take screenshots on Galaxy S9 or its bigger sibling by using the hardware buttons or using gestures. If you want to take a screenshot using hardware keys, you will be using what other Android (except for Samsung) phones have been doing since forever.

  1. Open the screen or app that you want to capture. This could be any screen in your smartphone, inside an app or even the home screen.
  2. Press and hold Power and Volume Down keys together.

Your phone will do a little buzz to confirm the screenshot. You will also see a quick animation and can access the latest screenshot from the notification bar. Or, you can view all of the screenshots from Pictures > Screenshots.

2- Take screenshots on Galaxy S9 or S9+ using gestures

Taking a screenshot with hardware keys sounds old school to you? You can also use gestures to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S9. Once used to this, you will never go back to the awkward use of Power+Whatever-key combo.

  • Activate gestures: go to Settings > Advanced features. 
  • Enable Palm swipe to capture.

Once you have activated, you can now grab a screenshot on Galaxy S9 using gestures.


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Use These 10 Tips and Tricks on Gmail Android App to Improve your Email Game

gmail tips - Use These 10 Tips and Tricks on Gmail Android App to Improve your Email Game

It goes without saying that staying on top of emails is an essential part of our personal and professional life. However, easier said than done, this becomes difficult over time – especially on phones – given the small real estate and somewhat limited options on the Gmail Android app.

However, let that not deter you from making the most of your smartphone and the Gmail app as it also has an amazing array of features that you can customize to improve your email game.

1. Auto-advance

Have a lot of unread emails? Sort them easily using the Auto-Advance feature.

Available under General Settings, this nifty feature will take you to the next email once you’ve archived or deleted the one you are viewing, saving you from the agony of going back and opening a new email.

2. More Labels

It goes without saying that Labels help us to improve productivity on Gmail. More the number of labels, easier it is to manage emails.

So, whether it’s a newsletter or some projects, all you need to do is create a label and let the app do the magic for you.

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