How to reduce your data usage on Android or iPhone: Five tips

smartphone data pixabay - How to reduce your data usage on Android or iPhone: Five tips

How to save yourself from paying a hell lot of money by the end of every month due to overage charges?

To answer these questions, here we list five steps or ideas that one should follow in order to save mobile data and never feel helpless.

Use Wi-Fi whenever possible

Almost every smartphone which offers mobile data connectivity is capable of using Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Turn off your mobile data whenever possible and use the open Wi-Fi networks available at your office or your house. Also, always update your apps on Wi-Fi and disable automatic updates from the respective app stores Google Play or App Store.

Limit background data

There are a lot of apps which can exhaust your mobile data even when they are not in use. Mail working to sync new messages after you receive them or your smartphone automatically downloading new updates for some app, background data is one of the biggest reasons your mobile data gets exhausted and you don’t have an idea about what exactly is happening.

In order to limit background data, iOS users can head to Settings > Cellular > Apps using WLAN & Cellular, while Android users can do the same under Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data usage.

Use maps offline

There are many smartphone users who are unaware of the fact that they can use navigation offline as well as apps like Google Maps comes with an option of saving a map offline. If you’re an Android user, just boot up Google Maps, search for the particular area you want to download the map for, then tap on More info, followed by download. However, iOS users don’t have this option yet, but they can load a route ahead of time while Apple Maps’ cache can remember the way without the need for a data connection.

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