How to Secure Your Android Phone

secure android phone - How to Secure Your Android Phone

Securing your Android phone or Android tablet is more involved than adding a PIN lock (although you should certainly do that). We run through 14 ways you can keep Android secure, from dealing with app permissions to locking down apps, banishing Android viruses and tracking down a stolen phone.

1. Avoid dodgy public Wi-Fi networks

Smartphones and tablets are mobile devices, which means we are as likely to use them in a cafe or pub as we are our own homes. Provided free Wi-Fi is available, of course. Just don’t fall into the trap of jumping on to an unsecured wireless network just so you can take advantage of a free internet connection when out and about – whoever is providing that ‘free’ internet connection may be taking a great deal more from you in return.

Open Wi-Fi hotspots are incredibly useful when you’re out and about and need to get online, but they aren’t always safe. Security company Wandera examined 100,000 corporate mobile phones and found that 24 percent were regularly using insecure open Wi-Fi networks. It also found that 4 percent of these devices came into contact with a man-in-the-middle attack in November 2017.

The security company advises that if you must use an open Wi-Fi network, don’t pay any bills or make any transactions, use a VPN if possible, install a security app that can detect dodgy websites and insecure hotspots, and disable automatic connection to open Wi-Fi networks.

2. Set a screen lock

Setting up a screen lock is the simplest way to protect Android when your phone or tablet falls into the wrong hands. These days you can set a PIN lock, pattern lock, password lock and, if your device supports it, a fingerprint or eye scanner lock. It’s so easy to do you really have no excuse. Head to Settings > Security > Screen lock to get started.

3. Lock individual apps & media

You can add an extra layer of protection to your apps by locking down those you really wouldn’t want to get into the wrong hands with an app such as App Lock. Not only does this let you toggle on and off a PIN lock for individual apps such as Facebook and Gmail, but it has a secure fault for hiding photos and video that shouldn’t be seen by prying eyes.


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