How to send and receive Android SMS on PC

xhow to send and receive android sms on pc - How to send and receive Android SMS on PC

Humans as a collective have grown dependent on their devices, we are glued to our screens at all times. The efficiency of communication has made it prudent to respond immediately or as soon as possible to business clients.

Everyone is used to checking their mail on their phone, but did you know it is also possible to check your SMS or messages through your PC?

The following helps you achieve this:

Mighty Text

Step 1) The first thing you will need to do is download the ‘Mighty Text’ app to your Android device. 

Step 2) You need a companion service to support your app as well. Open your Google Chrome browser and add the Mighty Text extension.

Step 3) After accessing the Mighty Text extension for the first time, you will need to pair up your PC with your Android device. The pair up will take place over the Wi-Fi network on which both the devices are connected.

Step 4) After completing the setup, you will be able to see your android name on the icon.

Once the following steps have been completed any messages that you receive in your device will also pop up on your PC.

By: Vishnu Sasidharan

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