Speed up your slow Android phone with this one trick

speedup android - Speed up your slow Android phone with this one trick

We love to get the most out of our Android phones, and that means doing everything we can to optimize how well they run. There are a lot of little tweaks we can make to help improve performance, but there’s one trick that is sometimes missed: clearing out the cache.

A cache is temporary data storage that apps use so they don’t have to keep downloading the same information over and over again. It’s useful and can make websites load a lot faster than they would otherwise, but sometimes it helps to clean out the cache for your Android phone apps.

Clearing the cache may help boost your phone’s performance or fix problems with an app that’s acting up. It’s also a way to free up valuable storage space, especially on older phones with limited room.

As Android users are well aware, there can be a lot of variations between different versions of the operating system, and not all phones can run the latest OS. This means you may need to hunt around a bit in your Android or app settings to find the right place to clear your cache.

Clear Android web browser cache

You can manually clear out the cache on some apps yourself. Try this if you’re noticing slowness or bugginess with a particular app.

Let’s take a look at Chrome, Google’s popular web browser, first. Open Chrome and tap on the three dots at the top. Tap on History and then on “Clear browsing data.” You will see the option for Basic or Advanced. Tap on Advanced and make sure “Cached images and files” is checked, then tap on the Clear data button and confirm. On my phone, this added up to over 95 MB of cached data.

Most mobile web browsers will have a way to clear the cache within their settings. You may have to look around a little, but check in history or privacy settings to find the right spot to clear this data.

By Amanda Kooser

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