Android Care Tips: Things You’ve Been Doing That Affects Device Efficiency

google nexus - Android Care Tips: Things You've Been Doing That Affects Device Efficiency

An Android device like a smartphone is pretty easy to use. However, with the fewer restrictions and more room for customization, proper Android care seemed to be neglected or left unknown by most users.

Most users would normally commit the mistake of manually killing the apps. They would tend to use third-party task manager apps to stop Android apps manually.

However, such action could undermine the efficiency of your Android device. Devices as such have evolved since its first release. An Android can now automatically feed RAM by killing less priority background apps, according to Deccan Chronicles.

Another grave mistake in dealing with your smartphone is when you use a cleaner to clear cache. It is good to note that cache data are important for proper device app functioning. Without cache data in the system, most apps will load a little bit slower, for the once you have deleted are usually the fastest access for display by apps during launch data.

It is also good to note that another way of caring for your smartphone is by using its reboot option. Not being able to restart your phone once in a while would lead to unwanted files to pile up. The reset option is designed to help your device run smoothly.

Aside from not rebooting the device at least once a week, installing more than one security app could also lower the efficiency of your device. Many threat scanners installed in the device would mean fast battery drain.

It is good to note that Google has covered virus threats for you. Moreover, installing third party apps, especially the unverified ones, could pose more threat to your device security.
By Jacques Strauss

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