How to extend your Android Wear battery life

Android wear battery tips 1 androidability - How to extend your Android Wear battery lifeUse these tips to get the most out of that little block of polymer

If you picked up an Android Wear watch, or know someone who picked one up, or just listen to what people are saying on the Internet, you know that battery life is a big issue for many new watch owners. The need for frequent charging combined with a tiny proprietary charging cradle to keep track of isn’t the best experience in the world. Never mind the fact that finding a second charger is a bit like pulling hens teeth, so you have to take it with you or be at the same spot every time you want to top things up.

We’ve been testing different things over the past couple of weeks, and now we can stretch things out a bit further, and in a pinch can go two full days without the watch meeting the charger. Everyone uses their watch in different ways, but using these tips will keep your watch on your wrist — and off the cord — longer.

Brightness makes a big difference

Android wear battery tips 2 - How to extend your Android Wear battery life

And this is a tough one to overcome. Even at the highest brightness level, you can barely see anything on both the Gear Live and the G Watch if you head outside under the bright sun. We have a feeling the Moto 360 won’t be any different. If you’re working or playing outside, you’ll need to have it cranked way up or you’re that guy who is trying to use one hand to cast a shadow over the screen so you can read it. We get it — tiny battery means you can’t crank the screen over 9,000 nits. But we still would like to see this addressed in future hardware somehow. It will be interesting to see how the rumored Apple iWatchhandles this if we ever see it.

by Jerry Hildenbrand

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How to change the watch face on your Android Wear watch

Android Wear watchfaces 1 androidability 300x198 - How to change the watch face on your Android Wear watch

One of the first things many of us will want to do when we get an Android Weardevice is customize it a little bit. There will be plenty of apps come along for the new breed of smartwatch, and possibly we’ll see replacement user interfaces just like we do on our smartphones, but I’m talking about something more basic — changing the default watch face.

Changing your watch face is easy to do, and really changes the look of the device on your wrist. You change them much the same way you would change the wallpaper on your Android phone or tablet, with just a few swipes and taps to make it all happen. Have a peek and see how it’s done.

Any custom watch faces that may come about aside, your Android Wear watch comes with a set of faces to choose from pre-installed. From what we’ve seen so far, both the LG G Watch and theSamsung Gear Live have the same faces installed, and chances are there is something there that suits your taste and your needs. From the abstract to the more traditional, with trays for app notifications or date indicators, everything is covered.

We’re not sure if developers will be able to design and distribute their own watch faces just yet. (It’s probably just a matter of time.) The good news is that even if they can’t (and never say never when talking Android) we’ve got a good selection that’s easy to change up so you can make your Android Wear watch feel more like your own.

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