Give Your Android Homescreen A Deserved Makeover With Go Launcher Ex

go launcher ex android - Give Your Android Homescreen A Deserved Makeover With Go Launcher Ex

You can’t help but get enough of the popular apps on Google Play Store once you get a taste of the Android experience. You always wonder why they are popular and are they really worth the space on your smartphone or tablet? But sometimes the most popular apps are just a temporary source of joy derived from superfluous novelty that will probably be forgotten in a matter of a few days and left untouched beyond it.

So why waste your data plan in trying to download an app you don’t need? If people just followed the one cardinal rule of cherry picking an app based on its utility factor for your Android device, then there wouldn’t be any disappointments to deal with. And so we bring to you one of the best-rated and highly touted utility apps for your Android device, which is none other than the Go Launcher Ex tool. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must’ve surely heard about this name buzzing around in the Android app market.

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Get the KitKat keyboard for Android 4.0 and up

KitKat, the most recent version of Android, brings features as sweet as its namesake to the new Google Nexus 5. Among these, you’ll find a new phone dialer, Caller ID, true full screen, a new Hangouts app, and printing abilities.

To use all of these new features, KitKat also has an updated Google Keyboard. This keyboard is very similar to the version released on the Google Play Store, except the swiping line color has changed, you can glide over space to insert it between words, and some upgraded emoji are included.

If you have Android 4.0 or above on your device, AndroidPolice has made the keyboard APK available for download so you can try it right now. Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Disclaimer: Installing third-party software means taking risks with your device and/or personal information. You will be responsible for any issues caused by the installation, and should only proceed if you are prepared to deal with the resulting consequences.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the ability to install software from outside the Google Play Store. Open your Settings menu, go to Security, and then check the box next to Unknown Sources.

Next, download the actual Google Keyboard APK (Android Package). You can download it directly to your device, or you can download it to your computer and then transfer it to your device’s storage later (via USB, cloud storage, or another preferred method of transfer).

Here are the mirrors shared by Android Police:

Now you’re ready to install the keyboard on your device. If everything is set, you should be able to tap on your completed download (or the file you moved to your device) and the package installer will pop up to finish the process. However, on some devices (such as the Note 2), you may only see a prompt to use programs that have nothing to do with installing apps. If you are running into this issue, you can easily work around it by uploading the app to your Dropbox or Google Drive account and installing from there.

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How to find the best Android apps

If you want to avoid wasting time on the dross then there are a few techniques worth adopting and some handy apps and services that can help you. Let’s take a look at Android app discovery done right.

The majority can’t be wrong

An obvious place to start is with the Play Store charts. You can find out what the top premium and free apps are, what the most successful new apps are, which apps Google staff recommend, trending apps, apps recommended for you (if you’re logged in), and there’s even a section for tablet optimized apps now. You also have the option of filtering by category and if you log into your account you can just queue up your choices from any browser and have them download automatically to your smartphone. The whole experience is much improved and it’s getting better all the time.

Play Store Apps - How to find the best Android apps

When you find an individual app you are considering, the reviews, aggregated user score, and the download chart on its Play Store page will give you a nice rounded snapshot of how popular it is. You’ll never find a dud with high review scores and high download numbers.

There’s really no need to go outside the Play Store to find great apps, but you might consider using alternative app stores to help you identify new apps and games worth downloading. Check out what’s popular in the charts at the Amazon App Store, GetJar, SlideME, AppBrain, or Handango and then find it at the Play Store to download. You’ll tend to see the same top apps pop up in the Play charts, but there are lots of other app stores out there with charts, ratings and reviews and they can help you to turn up some alternative quality apps.

App discovery apps

There are two apps that have really stood out over the last few months as great tools for finding new apps and games worth downloading.

The first is Best Apps Market and it’s a curated selection of the cream of the crop, fully categorized and easy to search or browse. The developer recently released a new and improved app called Fetch which takes the same formula and wraps it in a more attractive package. It’s good for finding apps, it can make decent suggestions based on what you have used in the past, it is well categorized, and it’s very easy to search. The trick is that it attaches traits to individual apps and games and so you can dig deeper than the typical categories you find in app store charts. It works best for games, which is unsurprising because it is powered by the Game Genome Project, and it allows you to layer up traits that you want in your game in order to create a very specific filter.

Fetch - How to find the best Android apps

The second is for tablet owners and it’s called Tablified Market. It’s a straight selection of apps and games that have been optimized for Android tablets and organized into categories. It also includes occasional offers for free apps, and it gives you an idea of what’s popular and what’s trending.

Tablified Market HD - How to find the best Android apps

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GymPact App Now Available on Google Play Store

gympact 540 - GymPact App Now Available on Google Play Store

Coming as what would seem perfect timing for all of those who vowed to get back into the gym this year, the GymPact app is now available in the Google Play Store. The app free to download and aimed at those who need some extra encouragement in getting to the gym and also those who like to be rewarded for following though on their commitment.

GymPact comes with the promise of helping to motivate you to workout with the promise of cash rewards, paid for by non-exercisers. And while we cannot say that will work for everyone, the folks at GymPact said they helped their users succeed on 86% of the workouts they committed to do in 2012.


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