Five Excellent Android Camera Apps You May Have Missed

Google recently launched its Camera app in the Play store. The app, previously exclusive to Nexus and Google Play smartphones and tablets, finally brings the unadulterated Google take on camera software to Samsung, HTC, and LG owners.

But there’s one problem with this slick new app: Google Camera in the Play store is compatible only with Android 4.4 devices. According to Google’s own figures, this leaves about 95 percent of Android owners out in the cold.

Fortunately, Google Camera isn’t the only high-quality camera app there is. If you are itching to switch things up from the camera app that shipped with your phone, but aren’t yet on Android KitKat (4.4), there are many alternatives worth trying. And most are free.

Here are five good Android camera apps:

1. Camera for Android
This free app looks like the Android camera that Google’s new release is replacing, but with advertisements, and without the HDR and Photo Sphere features. Camera for Android is quick to use and does give you a Panorama option, but it doesn’t have the simple “preview every pixel you’re shooting” viewfinder that Google Camera does, meaning that some of the final image gets cropped out while you’re framing up.

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2. Snap Camera HDR
When it comes to style, Snap Camera HDR is among the most elegantly conservative camera apps in the Play store. The only controls on the full-screen app are a blue camera button, a red camcorder button, and a hollow settings button. Even still, it packs many of the same features that other popular Android camera apps do: Panorama, Burst mode, a timer, and HDR. The full version of Snap Camera HDR will cost you $2, but the trial version is free to take for a spin.

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How Google just quietly made your Android phone more secure

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It’s the widespread launch of a universal app-scanning system — a system that watches your device for any new application, even one loaded directly onto the device (“sideloaded”) from outside of the Google Play Store, and instantly checks the app for malicious or potentially harmful code.

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