How to fix the dreaded Play Store ”Unknown Error” code

Who knows what’s going on in the Play Store sometimes, but considering Google has a million apps and bazillions of users installing them every day it seems fair to cut them some slack when an error code pops up. Even so, when you get one of the classic Play Store errors, like the dreaded error 921 ”can’t download or update app,” it’s nice to know some quick fixes to get past the blockade.
google play error - How to fix the dreaded Play Store ''Unknown Error'' code
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The error is simple enough to explain: it’s the error code you get when the Play Store is interrupted or otherwise confounded by your attempt to download or update an app. It doesn’t mean anything terrible has happened or there’s anything wrong with your account, it’s just one of those things that happens sometimes. Weirdly enough, many users have reported that you can sidestep the problem simply by downloading the app on your 3G/4G connection rather than via Wi-Fi, but if you’re not too keen on using up your data allowance, read on. The same technique can also be used to solve overly long hangups or delays when attempting downloads too.

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