How to Install the wikiHow Android App

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The wikiHow Android application contains a collection of how to articles that will help you answer your questions on doing almost anything that comes your way. Packed with more than 175,000 articles, the wikiHow app will surely have the answers you need.

Method 1 of 3: Downloading the app from the Google Play website

  1. The official wikiHow Android app is called wikiHow – the how to manual. You can either download it from the web browser or directly from the Google Play Store in your Android smartphone/ tablet.
  2. Visit the Google Play Store.
  3. Once you have logged into your Google account and visited the Play Store, search for “wikiHow” using the search bar at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the search button. The wikiHow Android app will usually be on top of the list. If not, keep browsing the page for the app called wikiHow – the how to manual. Once you find it, click on the title of the app to visit the app page.
    • If you do not wish to read the app description, user ratings, reviews, latest updates and other information of the app, you can directly click on ‘Install’ in the search results’ page.
    • To make sure you are not downloading any fake or third party application, check that the name of the developer is ‘WIKIHOW’. Any wikiHow related apps by other developers are not official. Download them at your own risk.

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