Reasons your photos are blurry (and what you can do about it)

Do you sometimes get blurred photos from your DSLR but don’t know why? The chances are it’s not the camera – it’s you! Our friends at the Nikon magazine N-Photo came up with top ten tips for banishing blur.

Take the effective focal length of your lens and divide it into 1 to get the minimum safe handheld shutter speed you should use. For example, with a 200mm equivalent lens, you shouldn’t shoot any slower than 1/200sec or you risk camera shake. You might even get some shake at 1/500sec.

By: Jeff Meyer

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How to use new Snapchat: Filters, video calls, replays and more


The last couple of Snapchat updates have added new features so here’s how to make video calls in Snapchat and use the new Snapchat app. Also see: How to update Snapchat

The popular Snapchat app has been updated with new features but they’re not switched on by default. Here’s our guide on enabling new options like filters and using the new Snapchat. See also: Snapchat users get new year hack: 4.6 million phone numbers revealed.

How to use new Snapchat: How to video call in SnapChat

If you fancy chatting to a friend, swipe right on their name in your Snapchat inbox to begin. When you leave the chat screen, messages viewed by both you and your friend will be cleared.

The app will notify you if your friend is online when chatting, and if you’re both chatting at the same time you simple have to press and hold to share live video.

How to use new Snapchat: Filters

In similar fashion to Instagram, Snapchat has filters which you can add to your photos. However, they’re not switched on by default so here’s how to switch on filters in Snapchat.

Once you’ve taken a photo, simple swipe left or right and you’ll see a message which says ‘turn on filters’. Click the ‘I want filters’ button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the ‘additional services’ part of the settings menu where you can tick the filters box. Note that you’ll need to enable location to be able to switch them on and for some to work properly.

How to use new Snapchat filters

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Cooliris puts all your photos in your hands

With a plethora of social networking sites, you’re bound to have hundreds of photos scattered all over. And while there are numerous gallery apps available on Android, none probably gathers all, and we mean all, of them in a single place like Cooliris.

Cooliris is a photo gallery app for Android, but that would be an overly simplistic way of describing it. It presents photos from a number of sources, which we’ll get to later, in a fancy 3D wall animation. True, it’s a pretty way to look at and browse your photos, but it is merely icing over Cooliris’ real specialty: collating all of your photos, whether stored on your device or in any cloud service, all in one, single spot.


While many Gallery apps do integrate with social networking sites and cloud services like Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and more, Cooliris supports even more. You have Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, OneDrive, SmugMug, Weibo, Yandex, and more. It even has support for Evernote, of all things! But more than just display photos you’ve stored or posted on those places, Cooliris’ integration goes even deeper. From its Facebook section, you can browse through your friend’s photo albums and even like those photos without having to leave Cooliris. In Instagram, you can also look through your own feed, the most popular photos, and look through other publicly available posts. And of course, you can still share those photos using the usual Android sharing framework.

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How to make the most out of your smartphone camera

Smartphone CameraAccording to a 2012 report from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, of the 85 percent of American adults who own a cellphone, 85 percent use their cellphones to take photos. Smartphone cameras are quickly replacing basic digital cameras for snapping photos on the go, and for good reason. Capturing a memorable moment is easy with your cellphone at your side, but if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, you may end up with fuzzy, dark or distorted pictures. To help you get the most out of your smartphone’s camera capabilities, Stephen Sneeden, Xperia product marketing manager at Sony Mobile Communications, offers some expert tips:

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View all photos now with your Dropbox App

Dropbox was one of the applications that my Galaxy Note II phone shipped with by default. It was installed by default and all I had to do was sign in to my Dropbox account to start using it. I have to admit that I’m not really using it for much on the Android phone. I do have configured it to automatically add screenshots that I take to my online storage so that I can access them on other devices right away which helps me a lot when I’m writing about a new feature or reviewing an Android app.

Dropbox 1.3.5 for Android has just been released and it brings along several new features. If you use it to store photos you may notice that you can now view all of your photos stored in your account right from the Android app.

Just switch from the folder view to the photo viewer at the top. Here you should see your photos sorted by date. You can also switch between a photo or album view, and tap to interact with the photos displayed here.

dropbox android photo viewer

Dropbox app for Android updated: view all photos now [via]

How-to: Use Google Drive to upload photos from Android, iOS

Google DriveTaking photos is only half the battle for budding photographers, it creates the need to get those masterpieces onto a computer for storage and other purposes. The more photos you take, the bigger the task of getting them transferred to a bigger screen.

Photo transfers involve two steps: getting the photos from the phone to Google Drive storage in the cloud, and accessing them on the computer.

How-to: Use Google Drive to upload photos from Android, iOS [via]

Facebook Gives Android Users Ability To Upload New Cover Photos

Facebook Cover PhotoFacebook recently pushed out a minor update to its Android native application, allowing users to change their cover images from their phones or tablets. The social network also fixed issues regarding the “find friends” prompt and image loading.

Facebook Gives Android Users Ability To Upload New Cover Photos [via]