Thieves want to steal your gadgets – use these tips to thwart them

gadget - Thieves want to steal your gadgets - use these tips to thwart them

When someone slips your phone from your pocket or steals your laptop from a cafe table, you might have to scramble to deal with the consequences. In one stressful rush, you must attempt to retrieve your lost photos, deal with the loss of your vulnerable data, and eat the cost of the physical hardware.

To avoid this difficult and expensive process, you can take steps right now—while your devices are still in your possession—to prevent thieves from pinching your gadgets. There’s no sure-fire way to prevent theft, but even if someone manages to swipe your electronics, a little advance preparation can protect the personal data within, keeping your information safe and accessible only to you. 

Protect your devices

A lot of the best anti-theft advice for gadgets applies just as well to any possession, whether it’s a cuddly toy or a new iPad. In short, remain aware of your surroundings and keep your devices within sight at all times. When you’re not using them, stash these items away in a bag that you should also keep close to hand.

When you’re on the go, avoid showing off your phone, tablet, or laptop to potential thieves. That means keeping them out of sight in the car, avoiding using them more than necessary on the street, and investing in secure bags, such as those with a padlock or a looped zipper mechanism.

You can also get tricky. For example, if your expensive laptop lives in an expensive case, think about toting the whole bundle in a nondescript or even scruffy bag, so that nobody will guess what’s inside. Of course, you’ll shatter the illusion once you start working in public, but this maneuver can help you on your way to and from your office—or local coffee shop.

By David Nield

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