This App Is About To Make Your Android Phone A Lot Better

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Android enthusiasts will always argue that Google’s mobile operating system has one key advantage over Apple’s— its seemingly limitless customization options.

By default, you can drag and drop app icons and widgets wherever you please, add extra home screens for quick access to your favorite apps, and switch out skins.

But there’s only so much you can do with Android out of the box.

That’s where launchers and lock screen replacements come in. These are customizable skins that are made specifically for adding more functionality to your smartphone’s lock screen, homescreen, or app launcher.

They’re one of the best ways to get more out of your device without having to hack it, which poses the risk of voiding your phone’s warranty and possibly damaging it if it’s done incorrectly.

Celltick’s Start lock screen replacement, which just launched earlier this week, is a sleek, clean Android launcher that adds extra features and shortcuts to the lock screen.

It’s not the only launcher of its kind. There are dozens of other options, some of which that have been very well-received among Android users such as Buzz Launcher. Although Start doesn’t offer as many customization options as Buzz, it has plenty of themes to choose from and an attractive, smooth interface.

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