10 Google Chrome Tips Android Users Need to Know

Google Chrome 1 - 10 Google Chrome Tips Android Users Need to Know

These Google Chrome tips and tricks will supercharge your Android web browsing experience. Google Chrome comes pre-installed on nearly all Android phones and tablets, and millions of people use it every day. Google’s browser has a lot to offer, and with our help, you can make your experience even better.

While the app has received tons of new features over the past few years, there are still plenty hiding in plain sign. If you know where to look, or what to enable, Google Chrome becomes better than ever.

Some of these features are only available after you change a few settings. While others you just need to know about and take advantage of. We’ll show you how to move the address bar to the bottom for easy access, switch tabs faster, download a page to view later, and other helpful tips.

By Cory Gunther

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Google’s new Datally app helps you save data

datally - Google's new Datally app helps you save data

Google has launched a new app designed to help users monitor their data usage and control the amount that they use on a day–to–day basis.

Datally, which is available exclusively on Google’s Android platform, shows users’ hourly, weekly and monthly data usage stats and delivers personalised tips about how to get the most out of costly data plans.

A special ‘Data Saver’ bubble lets you block background data and see data usage in real time, with the ability to stop data being used by any given app with a single tap.

The app also tells users when they’re near to a public Wi-Fi spot, allowing them to log on and save their mobile data.

Google says it’s released the app because data is still extremely costly in many countries around the world.

Download Datally from the Google Play Store.

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Google Home app gets updated with a new interface and Night Mode

Google Home app Android redesign 840x560 - Google Home app gets updated with a new interface and Night Mode

On the eve of Google’s Pixel event, the Google Home app is getting a facelift. An update is rolling out now that pushes the app version to and brings a refreshed interface along with easier navigation. The Watch, Listen, and Discover tabs have been replaced by new Discover and Browse categories at the bottom of the screen. While the navigation might be slightly different, Google’s familiar card layout returns with some new cards in tow.

When you load the app, the Discover section will be your default destination. Discover will show you cards with tips to help you use your devices more effectively. Some of the tips I’ve seen are how to activate Assistant and how to raise and lower the volume. The tips are should shed light on how the device works to newer owners, but veteran owners probably won’t glean much from them.

By Matt Adams

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How to install an SSH server on your Android phone

simplessha - How to install an SSH server on your Android phone

Upon reading the title, the first question out of your mind might be, “Why?” the answer will depend upon your usage. You might want a secure way to copy files from your device. If you’re a developer, you might want to have easy access to the filesystem hierarchy. Whatever your reason, there are apps available in the Google Play Store that will serve this purpose well. One of my favorites is called SimpleSSHD. This Android SSH server doesn’t offer much in the way of bells and whistles, but it does the trick and does so easily.

Let’s install SimpleSSH and see how to make use of it.


I will be installing SimpleSSH on a OnePlus 3, running Android 7.1.1. SimpleSSH will run on Android 2.1 and up, so you can be certain (unless your device is really old), this app will work. SimpleSSH also does not require a rooted device.

The installation is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device
  2. Search for SimpleSSH
  3. Locate and tap the entry by galexand
  4. Tap Install
  5. Allow the installation to complete

And that’s it for installation. You will find the SimpleSSH launcher in your App Drawer or on your home screen (or both). Tap the app icon to start SimpleSSH.


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10 Ways To Increase Your Android Battery Life

smartphone 2568602 - 10 Ways To Increase Your Android Battery Life

Your Android phone is the object you spend most of your time with. It knows about you more than any person does, it is the source of unending information that you gobble every day, and with the advent of apps like Voice Assistants, it has become your AI friend. Android has become more and more powerful over the years and has attained processing capabilities equivalent to desktop PCs just a few years ago.

But the only thing holding it back is battery life. So, people often ask “How can I extend my battery life?”, “Best tips and tricks to improve battery life” or “How do I make my Android battery last longer?”. Given its form factor and weight limitations, it has become increasingly difficult to squeeze any more power to the batteries with current technologies. So the solution to improve Android battery performance is through manipulations on the software side.

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The free app every parent should download this summer

free app - The free app every parent should download this summer

The app makes learning about water safety fun for kids

Royal Life Saving recently released the National Drowning report for 2017 and the drowning statistics in under 5’is 29, a 38 percent increase on last year.

“Last year’s result (2016) of 21 [drownings] was our lowest on record but still the biggest cause of accidental deaths is backyard swimming pools where parents or those supervising left the gate open and let kids through,” explained Laurie.

Children need constant and active supervision when they’re in or around water and with summer approaching, vigilance is the key to keeping kids safe.

The app is aimed at parents and young kids and includes music, cartoons with a focus on the home, pool, beach and farm water safety.

There are five key things everyone needs to know about water safety

The Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, is ‘delighted’ to join the cause and the government is putting $1 million of funding into the program.

Kids Alive – Do the Five is made up of five important messages:

  1. Fence the pool
  2. Shut the gate
  3. Teach your kids to swim
  4. Supervise – watch your mate
  5. And learn how to resuscitate

We think every Aussie parent should have this app on their phone before summer starts because water safety is so important.

By Amy Lyall

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How to use CM Launcher 3D 5.0 app to customize your Android

cm launcher - How to use CM Launcher 3D 5.0 app to customize your Android

When it comes to Android, customization is the first word that comes to our mind. The smartphones that are powered by Android can be customized in and out starting from the wallpaper to OS itself.

For those, who want to customize the entire look but doesn’t know how to root, ‘Launchers’ are there just for you. Today we are going to be looking at the cool features of CM Launcher 3D. First of all, you can download this for free on your mobile from Google Play Store. This launcher was developed by China-based Internet company Cheetah Mobiles.

It has 10,000 of 2D/3D themes with scope for lots of customization with the different menu’s, lock screen themes, wallpapers, icons and contacts themes.

With this, you also get 3D widgets, 3D themes, and live wallpapers as well. Additionally, you can find 3D Fidget Spinner, 3D Wolf, Transparent Screen theme and other new VR themes.

By Gizbot Bureau

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Six ways to reduce mobile data usage on Android

phone main2 1024x653 - Six ways to reduce mobile data usage on Android

More often than not we are busy blaming the telecom operator either because our monthly data allowance is up or we have already crossed the high-speed data limit (aka FUP). Since everything uses data on the smartphones these days, we can’t live without it. So if we don’t want to pay more, how can we save data without massively hampering the experience?

In this guide, talking about various tips and tricks that you can use to control your data usage. It also list a few apps that will help you in achieving the same.

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