6 Google Translate tips you need to start using

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Decades ago, Star Trek introduced the idea of a “universal translator,” a small baton that let crew members converse with aliens in their native languages simply by flipping a switch. And now we’re almost there thanks to Google Translate.

This app isn’t part of the pre-installed loadout on most phones, but it’s indispensable when you travel. It’s so overflowing with features, in fact, you might not even realize everything it can do. So here are the six most awesome and useful things you can do with Google Translate on your smartphone.

Download offline languages

You won’t always have the best mobile data connection while traveling the world, so it’s a good idea to have an offline backup in Translate. The app can do basic translation without any internet access, as long as you remember to download the necessary files.

To cache languages offline, open the navigation menu and tap Offline translation. The several dozen languages supported in offline mode include the biggies like Spanish, German, and French, along with Romanian, Icelandic, Greek, and more. In offline mode, you cannot do conversational voice input, but typing and camera scanning both work normally. You can even have translations read with text-to-speech.


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Important Android Accessories you must have for Smartphone

android accessories - Important Android Accessories you must have for Smartphone

Nowadays maintaining your smartphones is very important to keep it safe and for long life. And to do so smartphone accessories is important. There are a variety of smartphone accessories is available in the market for different smartphone model. It is essential to have the accessories due to extensive use of the smartphones. They all are available in affordable price and are important as well. Below is list of important smartphone accessories. Ensure that you must have them all.

Screen Protector

The screen guard is an essential smartphone accessory. Nowadays almost all smartphones have touchscreens. The entire smartphone is operated with the help of the touchscreen.  so it is important to protect the screen with screen guard or the screen protector. These protective covers act as a shield to the smartphone. There are different varieties of screen guards is available in market and Sleep Shield is a guarded with a better features. This guard will filters out the blue light and prevent insomnia at night.

Back cover or case

Another important protection of the smartphone is back cover. The designs of smartphones are so sleek and hence not handy at all.so using a case or back cover will act as a medium of impact protection. Make sure that the case or back cover you are purchasing for your smartphone will provide perfect drop protection to the smartphone. There are various colors of back covers are available in the market with a variety of designs. They also make your smartphone attractive.

Travel charger

Due to extensive use of data and storage, the smartphones’ battery gets drained out very easily. When you are traveling battery drains out at a rapid rate. and it is very difficult to find the electric power to charge your smartphone. Hence use an external charger is very important while traveling to avoid such problems. These external chargers keep your phone charged and also very convenient to use.


The one another important smartphone accessory is the earphone and especially if you love to listen to music then is a mandatory accessory. They are available in your budget and come with package during a purchase of the smartphone. Nowadays there are so many varieties of options available for earphones like earphones with no cords, no frills, and microphones. You can purchase one according to your need.

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How to Free up Space in Android

free up space on android - How to Free up Space in Android

These days phones typically come with at least 32GB of storage as standard, or perhaps 16GB if you’ve bought a budget model. But even that is easy enough to fill up when you get a bit too carried away with installing apps and taking photos and videos.

Even if you’ve not run into any storage issues just yet, managing your storage properly can help keep things ticking along nicely performance-wise.

(If you’re playing with such a tiny amount of internal storage that you’re getting the “insufficient storage available” message when you try to download an app or app update, and have already followed all our suggestions below, see our separate guide on how to clear Android’s cache.)

Without doubt the best way to free up space on Android is to perform a factory reset and start afresh. But setting things back up how you want them can take an awful lot of time, and you may lose precious photos, video and other files if you’ve not backed them up correctly.


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Best Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android

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Best Ways to Reduce Data Usage on Android

1. Limit your data usage in Android Settings.

Setting a limit to your monthly data usage is the easiest thing you can do to avoid using surpass amounts of data without your knowledge. You can limit your mobile data usage on Android via the Settings app. Head over to the Settings and tap on DataUsage>>Billing Cycle>>Data limit and billing cycle. There you can set the maximum amount of data you intend to use in a month. Additionally, you can also opt for automatic disconnection from the network once the data limit is reached.

2. Restrict App background data

Some apps keep consuming mobile data even when the smartphone is not in use. Background data allows you to keep your apps monitored and updated while multitasking or when the screen is off. But every app doesn’t need to use background data at all times.

Go to Settings >> Data Usage and you can see the statistics for which app is consuming how much of data.

3. Use data compression in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Android browsers. It has an inbuilt feature that can significantly reduce data consumption on Android.

When data compression is turned on, all of your traffic is passed through a proxy run by Google. Your data is compressed and optimized before being sent to your phone. This results in lower data consumption and also speeds up loading of pages without any significant change in web content.

By Abhilekh Das

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How to get network activity on Android status bar

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Android gives a lot of independence when it comes to tweaking their OS. Lots of mobile phone makers add their own custom UI on top of the Android skin to bring their touch on the phone. While some on the other side prefer stock UI. In this case, some companies might add Internet reader to the status bar and some don’t.

The Internet reader on the status bar, helps the users to keep a check on the data consumption while using any apps. Since some phones don’t come with internet reader on their Android status bar, we have compiled a list of steps to make it possible on any Android phones. This process involves installing a single app on your device.

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and install the app ‘Internet Speed Meter‘ (). This app is available for free without any in-app purchase.

Step 2: This app shows you normal data usage, an Upload/Download meter in the center of your Status Bar.

Step 3:

This app being customizable, you can change the position of the reader anywhere on your device, alter the data limits, speed or transfer units etc. 

Step 4: In order to customize the app, you can go to settings and from there you can access floating widget positions, appearance and other aspects like notifications, hide on the lock screen and more.

While there are many apps available in the store, this is one of the few apps that is safe and also has friendly UI.

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10 Google Chrome Tips Android Users Need to Know

Google Chrome 1 - 10 Google Chrome Tips Android Users Need to Know

These Google Chrome tips and tricks will supercharge your Android web browsing experience. Google Chrome comes pre-installed on nearly all Android phones and tablets, and millions of people use it every day. Google’s browser has a lot to offer, and with our help, you can make your experience even better.

While the app has received tons of new features over the past few years, there are still plenty hiding in plain sign. If you know where to look, or what to enable, Google Chrome becomes better than ever.

Some of these features are only available after you change a few settings. While others you just need to know about and take advantage of. We’ll show you how to move the address bar to the bottom for easy access, switch tabs faster, download a page to view later, and other helpful tips.

By Cory Gunther

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Google’s new Datally app helps you save data

datally - Google's new Datally app helps you save data

Google has launched a new app designed to help users monitor their data usage and control the amount that they use on a day–to–day basis.

Datally, which is available exclusively on Google’s Android platform, shows users’ hourly, weekly and monthly data usage stats and delivers personalised tips about how to get the most out of costly data plans.

A special ‘Data Saver’ bubble lets you block background data and see data usage in real time, with the ability to stop data being used by any given app with a single tap.

The app also tells users when they’re near to a public Wi-Fi spot, allowing them to log on and save their mobile data.

Google says it’s released the app because data is still extremely costly in many countries around the world.

Download Datally from the Google Play Store.

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Google Home app gets updated with a new interface and Night Mode

Google Home app Android redesign 840x560 - Google Home app gets updated with a new interface and Night Mode

On the eve of Google’s Pixel event, the Google Home app is getting a facelift. An update is rolling out now that pushes the app version to and brings a refreshed interface along with easier navigation. The Watch, Listen, and Discover tabs have been replaced by new Discover and Browse categories at the bottom of the screen. While the navigation might be slightly different, Google’s familiar card layout returns with some new cards in tow.

When you load the app, the Discover section will be your default destination. Discover will show you cards with tips to help you use your devices more effectively. Some of the tips I’ve seen are how to activate Assistant and how to raise and lower the volume. The tips are should shed light on how the device works to newer owners, but veteran owners probably won’t glean much from them.

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