Top 5 Security Tips for Android Smartphone Users

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Security is the name of the game in this digital age. It is no longer considered to be an option. Every digital asset needs to be protected with the right type of security, and the information on your smartphone is no different. Just as you would secure your PC from offline and online attacks by hackers, your smartphone also deserves the best protection from being breached or compromised.

But with literally hundreds of security products and methods to choose from, what does a smartphone user really need on a practical level? You don’t need tough password security for all the casual games on your device, do you? And you certainly don’t want to pay through your nose for expensive antivirus software that has the same functionality as a trusted piece of freeware, right? How does a smartphone user make these security choices?

Let us discuss five security tips for different scenarios:

What do you do if your device is damaged? The answer to that is the following security tip:

  1. Take Regular Backups of Your Device

This security tip is a definite must-follow practice to safeguard whatever’s on your phone, whether it’s important contacts, valuable media or personal information stored in your mobile apps. There are several free and premium options for backups, such as Google Drive or TunesBro, but the most convenient one is usually the one that’s already available on your device. Samsung, for example, has Samsung Cloud as an ideal backup location. Apple has iCloud. Google has Drive. And so on. Make your choice based on what you need, not what others are using.

2. Turn on Remote Lock

All devices nowadays have this feature. It’s called Find My Device on Android smartphones, and Find my iPhone on iDevices. There are limitations, but this is the best way to find and lock or erase your device from a remote location. What it does is prevent anyone else from accessing the information on your device. Unfortunately, since the erase option is available, you may lose all your data. That’s why you need to take regular backups!

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