How to use Face Unlock on any Android smartphone

how to use face unlock on any android smartphone - How to use Face Unlock on any Android smartphone

When you hear the words ‘face’ and ‘lock’, your thoughts might head in Apple’s direction. Ever since the tech giant unveiled its new iPhone, FaceID has been in every conversation possible. This feature might just become the next big trend.

However, people forget that this feature was present in Android smartphones ages ago. Rusty, underdeveloped, and casual, this option was biased more towards style than functionality. With Apple pushing this trend, you’d expect Google’s Android to do something about it. But the sheer customizable nature of Android allows anyone to become a party to this.

An app from IObit Applock does exactly that. It adds a Face Unlock option to your Android smartphone. You can download this app from Google’s Play Store. Install it, open it and once you do, it’ll ask you to set up a pattern (or a pin). Follow the steps below to proceed. Once the pattern has been set, the app takes you to a new window. Within this, you’ll find the apps that you can lock, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, gallery. If your Android version is higher than 5.0, you’ll need to enable Usage Access.

The app will automatically redirect you to the Settings page. Enable the toggle to continue using the app. On the top left, right next to the name of the app, you’ll see three horizontal lines. Tap on those and a window slides into view. This contains several options, such as Face Lock, Fake lock, Delay lock. Choose Face Lock. IObit requires an additional database to use the Face unlock feature, therefore, tap on ‘Face Lock’. A download will start. This loads the AI required to analyze your face.

By: Sujay Hegde

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