How to Use Google Translate in Any App on Android

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Google has been releasing lots of apps lately in order to make smooth user experience. One such app the company launched somewhere around last year is the ‘Google Translate’. This app can translate over 103 languages from Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic to Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu. Also, users can translate up to 59 languages without any Internet connection.

This app also uses the camera on your smartphones to translate text into 38 languages. In this case, you can open the inbuilt camera from the app and focus it on the words, which you want to translate. It will translate in real time. However, if you want a high-quality picture, take a snap of it and use it in this app. It’s worth mentioning here that, you can do this up to 37 languages as of now.

The Google Translators also translates by drawing character instead of using it in keyboard and also supports two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages. It has ‘Phrasebook’, where you can save translations for future reference in any language.

How Google Translation Works?

The computers use a process called ‘statistical machine translation’ — which generate translations based on patterns found in large amounts of text. The computer does translation by analyzing millions of documents that have already been translated by human translators. These translated texts come from books, organizations like the UN and websites from all around the world.

Moreover, it scans texts looking for statistically significant patterns between the translation and the original text that are unlikely to occur by chance. Once the computer finds a pattern, it can use this pattern to translate similar texts in the future. When you repeat this process so many times, you will end up with billions of patterns and a program.

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