What Android data is automatically backed up

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We use our devices for everything these days, with many of us likely not being able to do our jobs or get through our lives without the help of a smartphone or tablet. Contacts, emails, notes, apps — they have them all, and we rely on their presence more than we’d probably like to admit.

Just thinking about it, it’s tough to imagine how we would handle life if everything that was stored on our phone suddenly disappeared. Hopefully, you never have to worry about it, and because our devices do such a good job of backing things up on their own, chances are even if disaster struck you wouldn’t lose it all.

For the most part, Android devices back up a lot of important information on their own, so there is nothing to worry about there. Other things are backed up only if you choose for them to be, and some generally can’t be backed up at all.

What you deem to be important is, of course, a personal decision, but regardless, here is a look at what falls into which category:

With help from the cloud (and a Gmail account that you must set up and add to the device when you get it), Google will automatically store plenty on its own:

  • Contacts, email, .docs and calendars
  • Some system settings
  • Chrome browsing data
  • Hangouts chat logs
  • Apps and other purchased content
  • Some third-party app data
  • Smart lock password data
  • Photos

Should your phone be lost, destroyed or anything in between, you will not need to worry about any of these being gone forever. What’s best is you will not have to do anything to back them up, since it is an automatic feature of Android devices.

By Adam Green

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