What to do if you lose your phone

lost phone android device manager - What to do if you lose your phone

Your Android smartphone is the most personal computer you own. No other device is with you virtually every second of every day, and so over the course of a standard two-year contract you’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities to misplace it.

Fortunately, over the past few years Android has grown has grown into mature, stable mobile OS with an abundance of security features designed to help you out in just such an eventuality. But the solution isn’t entirely technological, and there are a few common sense tips you should follow as well.

Let’s walk through some top precautions to take to better protect your Android phone from loss, along with some tips in the event that you’ve already lost your phone.

How to keep from losing your Android phone, and keep your stuff safe if you do lose it

Want to help protect your phone (and its contents) should it ever become lost? Here are a few simple steps to take to enhance your Android security.

lock security - What to do if you lose your phone

Set up lock screen security

If someone else finds your phone, the only thing standing between them and all your personal data is your lock screen. So setting up robust lock screen security is the first step towards keeping your stuff safe.

On most Android phones you’ll find this option under Settings > Security, or Settings > Lock screen. While some devices support biometric security like “Face unlock,” it’s tough to beat the tried and true pattern or PIN lock. Naturally, the more complex your pin or pattern, the less likely a random person is to get access to your phone.

owner info - What to do if you lose your phone

Set a lock screen owner message

Once you’ve locked down your device, you might also want to give anyone who finds it a way to figure out who it belongs to. Some phones will let you set this under Settings > Security > Owner Info. And while you might not want to offer too much personal info to a potential thief, showing your name here could give honest phone finders a clue to track you down.

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