Which Android phones get regular security updates? Here’s a hint..

android security updates - Which Android phones get regular security updates? Here's a hint..

Here in the land o’ Android, wrapping your noggin around the subject of software updates isn’t always easy to do.

We’ve got regular OS updates, sure — and info on the various phone-makers’ performance in that domain is readily available if you (a) know where to find it and (b) are even aware that you should be looking for such data in the first place. But still, that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

There’s also the ever-increasing array of unbundled “core OS”-like elements to consider — items that were once part of the main operating system but are now handled separately and updated numerous times a year, directly by Google and in a manner that reaches all devices without delay — and then, last but not least, there’s the massive multilayered meatball of Android security updates to take into account.

In a way, Android security updates are the trickiest of all those areas to assess — because, plain and simple, the data on how quickly manufacturers send out such updates over time is difficult to collect and track on any meaningful scale. Android security updates are an important part of the overall Android security picture, though — and while they certainly won’t make or break your smartphone-owning adventure, you absolutely should know what type of experience you’re likely to encounter before you plunk down your hard-earned dollars on a manufacturer’s device.


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