Why is My Phone So Slow?

Why is my phone so slow large - Why is My Phone So Slow?

A slow-running phone will make your life a misery – sending a text turns into a minute-long debacle as your messages app crashes and, with your phone grinding to a halt, you think “It’s 2018, there must be a better way!”

Fortunately, there is. With the simple fixes we’ll outline below, as well as specific remedies for aging iOS and Android devices, your phone will be feeling as good as new in no time.

Don’t put up with a slow phone. We explain how to speed up your phone in no time at all.

If you’ve tried all the fixes below and still had no luck, you may want to consider an upgrade.

How to Speed Up a Slow Phone

Despite the hotly-contested differences between iOS and Android phones, the essential functioning of both systems is similar. As such, there some general tips that will help you recover the oomph your phone loses over time.

Clear Your Phone’s Cache

There’s a good chance that you use your phone for browsing the internet more than you use your actual computer. This means your phone’s web browser, whether that’s Chrome, Safari or Opera, is storing loads of data. Deleting it can save you storage space, and speed up your phone’s browser, too.

Clear the Cache on an iPhone

To clear the cache, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

If you just want to clear the website data collected, you’ll need to tap Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data > Remove all website data

Clear Cache for Android (using Chrome)

This is using the Chrome app, if you use an alternative browser, the steps might be different Open Chrome > More (the three vertically-aligned dots) > History > Clear browsing data > Select time period. Then, check the boxes next to “Cookies and site data” and“Cached files and images” > Clear Data

How to Update Your Phone’s Operating System

You might hear some people complain about updates to their phone’s operating system. Perhaps they don’t like the new design, or they’re annoyed it’ll take up more storage on their phones.

However, each iteration of Android or iOS comes with improvements to the speed and security features, plus bug fixes that can have a speed boost.

By Tom Fogden

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