Why you should get an Android P based phone if security is your first priority

Android P based phone security - Why you should get an Android P based phone if security is your first priority

Google’s Android mobile operating system is maturing itself every year, and to keep it visually cute, all the Android operating systems come with the name of some mouth-watering desserts, Lollipop, Nougat, Oreo for example. Well, most Android users, whether they are geeks or not are aware of Android P, which is a hot topic of discussion today. Google has given Pie to this new version of Android with love. But hey, Oreo is tastier than a dumb slice of pie! Well, you can order your preferred piece of dessert after a mouth-watering main course in your favorite restaurant, but better stick to an Android Pie based smartphone, if security is your first priority.

With every new version of Android, Google introduces something, which can be helpful for its users. No, Android P or Android Pie is not an exception to that, as well. Just like other versions of Android, Android Pie also has a number of new features, which I have already covered, and you can find them in the following link. Well, improvement or new additions is a way of life. But Android P is something pretty different from just new features and UI improvements. Apart from adding new features and functionalities, the major improvement in Android is the security. There are a number of improvements, which I will be listing in this article.

Well, Android P is or will be available in only a handful of smartphones at present, chances are there it will be made available by most manufacturers in the new smartphones at the beginning of 2019. Though I can’t assure about its availability in different smartphone present. Now let’s get started with the security improvements in Android P aka. Pie.


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