10 Best Xiaomi Redmi Devices Call Settings Tips & Tricks

xiaomi redmi call settings tips and tricks - 10 Best Xiaomi Redmi Devices Call Settings Tips & Tricks

Smartphones have replaced many of our gadgets. We now do almost everything on our phones. Be it listen to music, read books, watch movies etc., we just cannot keep our phone down.

In those rare moments, when we use our phones for its actual purpose – call people, we want to go back to what we were doing. While Android phones come with a bunch of cool features and gestures, their call features haven’t received the importance that they deserve.

So, in this post, we have taken a Redmi device as our guinea pig and we will uncover its tips and tricks related to the call features and settings. But before that, let’s know how to access the call settings.


There are two ways to access the call settings, which looks like the following image, on Redmi devices:

1. Enable Automatic Call Recording

Xiaomi gives you two options to record calls. You can either record each call manually or record all calls automatically. To record calls manually, tap the record button in the Dialer app once you have dialed the number.

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