10 Ways to Find Hidden Spyware on any Android Device

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Privacy is one of the biggest issues of people not only in smartphones but also for online. “If you’re online, you won’t be private anymore.” Now, let’s head over to the steps to find the spyware on Android if hidden.

Steps to Find Hidden Spyware on Android

There are plenty of spying apps available for Android which can be easily installed on your phone to monitor your activity, location, conversations, etc.

In order to get rid off the hidden spyware, you should check out the below mentioned steps or tips at first. These tricks/tips may come in handy for you or your friends/family in most of the cases. There may be more steps available but these are the most-possible and common things you should keep in mind.

1. Unusual Behavior of your Smartphone

One of the easiest ways to detect hidden spyware is to check for the unusual behaviour of your smartphone at first. If there is any spyware or tracking software installed on your device, in most of the cases, your phone will perform differently. It can be easily noticeable if your smartphone causing some error or running strangely.

  • If your phone lights up automatically, shutting down automatically, or producing some strange sounds, there is an issue.
  • Find apps completely on your phone which you have installed from first to last. If you find any strange application which is not for your use, uninstall it right now.
  • Mostly, rooted smartphones have that system customization or admin access to all the apps and services which are running in the background. That may also cause issues. If you can suspect it, you should unroot your device and do a clean install of device ROM.

These hacked or patched hidden spyware or apps can cause more issues to your device and device data as well. Take a look…

By Subodh Gupta

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