11 Android apps to make notifications more interesting

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Hey, sharpshooters: Google just released its own camera app in the Play store. This means you don’t need a Google Nexus device to use the company’s Android camera; you can download the camera just like any other app and replace the camera app that came with your phone — if, that is, you’re running a device with Android 4.4 or newer. (Check in your device’s Settings menu for that information.)

Anyway: What have you been missing without the Google Camera? And what brand new things has Google thrown in this newest version? Let’s take a look at some of the best goodies Google’s picture-snapping app has to offer, and perhaps you’ll decide it’s worthy of replacing your stock Samsung, HTC, or LG camera app.

The layout
The first thing you notice upon firing up the app is how clean and simple the full-screen user interface is. Google explained that the app itself is supposed to “get out of the way” when capturing pictures, and it does just that. You can actually preview just about every single pixel of your picture while shooting, save for the small, half-transparent menu button in the bottom-right side of the viewer.

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