13 Tips To Safeguard Your Personal Mobile Data

mobiledata354 - 13 Tips To Safeguard Your Personal Mobile Data
So, as a regular mobile user, what can you do to keep your personal details from being tracked, or siphoned off by third parties without your knowledge or consent? Here are some tips.
1. If there are unintended apps or there is an app that you have not installed on your phone, immediately uninstall it, through setting>applications. If there are more than a few such apps, it is better to do a factory reset than uninstalling each app.
2. Even though the spyware-malware mentioned above is spreading through the Google Play Store itself, it is advisable to stick to verified application stores. This is because verified play stores are much safer than unverified sources.
3. Do not download and install applications from untrusted sources that are offered via unknown websites or links on unscrupulous messages especially on WhatsApp.
4. Install and regularly update antivirus solution on your Android devices. Scan the suspected device with antivirus solutions to detect and clean infections.
5. As a precaution, before downloading or installing a mobile app, do check details like number of downloads, user reviews, comments and ‘additional information’ section.
6. Verify app permissions and grant only those permissions which have relevant context for the app’s purpose.
7. In Android mobile device settings, disable installation of apps from ‘untrusted sources’.
8. Exercise caution while visiting trusted/untrusted sites for clicking links and never share personal details like login IDs or passwords with anyone on any platform.
9. Do not store or save personal details on the mobile device even if you find it convenient.
By Yogesh Sapkale
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