A guide to the top 5 types of apps that work better on the web

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Every year it’s getting more difficult to find a place where there is no Internet access. At the beginning of 2013 an NPD report revealed that Internet-connected devices in the USA outnumbered people, leading to a media storm that predicted robot uprisings and machine apocalypses. Though America constitutes only a fraction of the world and is not a totally all-pervasive mega power, the diffusion of innovations theory hints this US-centric hyper connectivity is only the beginning. The global online population is growing constantly, making the connected world a reality for everyone.

There has been a joke wandering around the Internet lately. It ran “If a person from 1950s travelled to our times what would be most difficult to explain to him? – That I have a device in my pocket that gives access to all information mankind possesses… And I use it for sharing pictures with cats and arguing with strangers”. The joke is insightful, not only because it tries to teach us to use resources more effectively, but also because it reflects the way things are now. When the Internet could scarcely be found anywhere, it was expensive, slow, loud and unappealing to consumers. Now the Internet is not only a certain element of reality – it is reality. The web is always in our pocket, on the tips of our fingers, in our ears. Business, communication, joy and entertainment were shifted onto the Internet as the offline world was replicated online.

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