3 crucial security settings for your Android

unlock pattern on smartphone - 3 crucial security settings for your Android

If the notion of your device falling into the wrong hands, allowing access to strangers frightens you or keeps you awake at night worrying, there are additional steps you can implement to safeguard against this situation. Spending a bit of time enabling three crucial security settings on your Android can help protect your data and have you sleeping like a baby.

As with any instructions, note the following may vary depending on your device, manufacturer and the version of the operating system you are running.

Enable the Smart Lock feature for better security

Enabling this built-in feature is a must for protecting your Android. With the options of On-body detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, Voice match, and Trusted face, Google has set the bar for smartphone protection. Here is how each one can help safeguard your device and data.

To enable Smart Lock, you must have a secure lock screen set first.

Here’s how to activate Smart Lock.

Go to device Settings and tap on Lock screen. Click on Smart Lock, your enter password/PIN, and enable the options you wish to utilize.

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