3 Tips to Get to Inbox Zero Faster in Gmail

gmail inbox 512x1024 - 3 Tips to Get to Inbox Zero Faster in Gmail

Gmail has several features built-in that make it easier to get to your important emails fast, and thus, achieve inbox zero. After implementing these tips, Gmail will do a better job at filtering out trivial emails and notifying you only when it’s important. Additionally, Google’s tools learn over time until eventually, you’ll never have to deal with irrelevant mail again.

Enable Priority Inbox

Easily the most impactful tool when it comes to filtering emails is Priority Inbox. With Priority Inbox, Gmail analyzes your usage and automatically labels emails important based on the data it gathers. Some factors Gmail uses to determine the value of an email are how often you email the recipient, which emails you’ve previously opened, which emails you’ve previously replied to, common keywords found within emails you’ve opened, and which emails you’ve starred.

This information, along with other factors, will determine which emails are marked important and placed in your Priority Inbox. You’ll only receive notifications for emails that arrive in the Priority Inbox, and the remaining emails are placed in a general inbox which isn’t synced with your mobile device. So to see how to set up Priority Inbox, check out our full guide below.


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