5 apps that free up space on your Android device

facebook lite - 5 apps that free up space on your Android device

Your Android phone or tablet contains your entire digital life, from your emails to your favorite games and memorable photo moments. But storage space and battery life aren’t infinite, especially if you’re sporting an older Android device. Lite apps can help put your phone on a storage diet.

Lite apps tend to be slimmer alternatives to regular apps. They may have a simpler, cleaner interface, or simply take up a lot less space than a regular version. They may also be limited free editions of paid apps that let you try before you buy.

Give these lite apps a whirl. You may discover you love they way they operate, but you will also love how they won’t take a serious toll on your phone or tablet’s storage space.

Facebook Lite

The regular Facebook app is robust and takes up a fair amount of space, which is mainly an issue for older phones and tablets, or ones with very limited storage. Even if storage isn’t an issue, you might enjoy Facebook Lite for a more streamlined Facebook mobile experience. This dainty app has another advantage: it’s designed to work well on older 2G networks. If you’re someplace with slow data access, it will help you stay in touch with all your Facebook friends.

Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is a lighter version of Facebook’s normal Messenger app. As with Facebook Lite, it uses less mobile data and runs efficiently on slower networks. It is less than 10MB in size, loads fast and uses less mobile data. Otherwise, you won’t know it’s any different from the regular Messenger app.

By Amanda Kooser

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