5 low light photography tips on your Android device

Night Mode 840x472 - 5 low light photography tips on your Android device

Don’t give up on shooting in low light just yet! There are a few things you can do to get better shots in the dark. Today we are here to give you 5 low light photography tips to put you in control of the situation and get better results.

This special low light photography mode goes by different names, depending on the manufacturer which makes your smartphone. Google calls it Night Sight, Samsung names it Bright Night, Huawei refers to it as Night Mode, and OnePlus titles it Nightscape.

If your phone has a feature like this you can use it to enhance photos taken under extremely low light. It works similar to an HDR photo, shooting a series of images under different exposure levels. It then merges these and pulls detail from all pictures to create an enhanced final image.

By Edgar Cervantes

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