5 simple tips that can make your new Android phone better

No matter what Android phone you might have unwrapped, however, there are a few easy things you can do to make the experience a great one.

  1. Find a keyboard that works the way you do. I actually like the stock Google keyboard that comes with Android, but everyone is different. Luckily, Android lets you install and use the keyboard — or keyboards, for that matter — you prefer. A quick search in the Google Play store will get you started but most people can’t go wrong with SwiftKey.
  2. This app uses smart word prediction combined with a way to intelligently learn your personal typing styles by analyzing messages from Facebook, Twitter (twtr), Gmail and more. Even if you don’t use that function, this is still one of the best third-party keyboards on the market. By the way: The stock Google Keyboard also supports swyping, or sliding your fingers from key to key, so don’t overlook that feature.
  3. Turbo-charge your camera. There’s nothing wrong with the camera apps that Google and its hardware partners provide. If you want to take your mobile photography to another level though, the free VSCO Cam app is a must-have. The software includes 10 presets for image manipulation while others are available for purchase. You might not need to spend a dime though: The basic imaging tools are top-notch and can vastly improve photos which can be shared directly to various social networking sites. Another tip: Find a place to store those photos in the cloud. Dropbox and Google+, to name a few, offer automatic photo backup services.

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